Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Oscar & Sean Penn's Fever Still Burning...

First thing first, I'm very glad that XT tagged me as 'movie buff' in stead of anything else in Facebook. I really love that! Secondly, 'Ah Joe' had recently asked me, curiously, whether I pay for all the movies I watched and talked about in my blog. And when I said yes, she was like... Wah, you very rich ah??? Don't get me wrong guys, as a crazy movie lover, I watch movies only on Tuesday (Ladies Day) and Wednesday (Super Wednesday). Other than that, I also got pirated DVDs when I know there is no way you can get to watch it in the cinema. As for the movies in this blog post, some of them are free! :)
The Academy Award which concluded two weeks ago, made me wanted so badly to watch some of the nominated movies, as well as the Best Actor Award winner, Sean Penn's older movies. So after a little hard work, here are those that I've watched. There are six of them all together, so I'll try my best to write as short as I can, skipping the synopsis part.

Vicky Cristina Barcelona
Yup, the song that you get to listen as you open my blog page, Barcelona, is the beautiful theme song of this movie shot at the beautiful Barcelona. It's Woody Allen!!! And... This is probably the first Woody Allen's work I've ever seen, WTF??? Anywayz, I quite like the movie, even though it isn't any big production or big budget film. It's interesting, funny and oh I LOVE THAT SONG, BARCELONA!!! I think it is more to a women movie, women will like this one! And as I watch the movie, I can feel myself so much like Vicky's character! So alike man! And yes, Penelope Cruz was brilliant, she is hot, sexy and bloody hillarious! Love her!

The Reader
Vicky Cristina Barcelona is the only not-so-serious movie of this movie review post. The rest, including The Reader, are sad and some, psycho.
The Reader has a bit of the history in it, it has a unique storyline set in a historical period of time. It's kinda sad and touching but I love the movie a lot and I think you people should go and watch it... BUT NOT IN MALAYSIA'S CINEMA!!! Yea, I saw the poster at the cinema the other day, and wondered, so almost half of the movie would be censored, what's there to watch??? I'm skipping the synopsis but nah... I tell you lar, there are probably 10 or more sex scenes in the movie! And it's sex scene of Kate Winslet and a 15 year-old boy!!! Oh well, the guy is 19 in real life. And he is cute lar! David Kross, HE IS CUTE!!!
And oh well, Kate Winslet was also really good in the movie... No, I'm not talking about her post-birth nipples... :p

Oh it's another BLOODY SERIOUS kinda movie... That was the last one I watched before writing this. Imagine, I was already like, give me a break!!!
No 'doubt', I watched the movie because of Meryl Streep. But the movie is a bit boring, arguing about this ‘doubt‘ and that ‘doubt‘, it's just so tiring even if you only listen to them argue! I think it's like a movie made to talk about the politics in the church? I don't know man, I just don't seems to be attracted too much to the movie when watching it.
Still, I compliment the actors' performances. Meryl Streep, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Amy Adams and Viola Davis. They were all fantastic! :)

Next up would be the other three old movies of Sean Penn, one of my favourite actors! Let me say this... After watching these movies, I still prefer Sean Penn's other movie, I Am Sam. Jodi showed me that movie and I just fell in love with the movie, AND Sean Penn! We were chatting on MSN the other day. Jodi and I both agreed, Sean Penn can be anybody in a movie! HE'S JUST SUCH A BLOODY HELL GOOD ACTOR! Anywayz, I think I still prefer I Am Sam because that's the only like, touching and cute movie I've watched of him, the rest, all very sad or even a bit psycho ones...

Dead Man Walking
Now, this is a movie about 14 years ago. You can see how young Sean Penn was and how much of hair he had! Hehehe... :p Sean Penn playing the 'dead man walking' isn't such a main character in the movie, at least to me. Susan Sarandon plays a bigger part. The entire movie is about this guy who is sentenced to death for raping and murdering two teenagers hoping to appeal to the court through a sister. Of course in the end, he didn't get what he wants and died in the end of the movie.
I honestly didn't enjoy much of the movie, especially those scenes on court and all that stuff. But the movie leaves such an impact on me. The final execusion scene leaves such a bloody heavy impact on me... It's scary, it's saddening, it's awful, it's disturbing... I could feel like my heart stop beating for a few seconds, really! Try watching it here, you will understand more what I'm talking about. Sean Penn was really steady in the entire movie, acting as a bad boy, at the same time not completely bad. And I always admire people who can fake certain accent, and that was just what Sean Penn did in the movie!

Mystic River
Now this is the movie that have won Sean Penn his first Oscar's Best Actor award in 2004. Acting wise, his character in the movie, from a crushed father losing his daughter till a confident man killing his own childhood friend, whom he thought had killed his daughter, Sean Penn performed it just brilliantly like there isn't any difficulty playing the part. He was just really cool in the movie.
Story wise, I guess it's a movie with some 'reality bit' in it. But I don't know, I don't like movies that are like so down, so sad, so 'dark'...

21 Grams
In the same year, Sean Penn acted in 21 Grams, but he got nominated with Mystic River in stead of this. I personally think I love Sean Penn more in 21 Grams. He plays a patient with a heart failure, from dying till getting a heart transplant, till dying again... I somehow think this character is more challenging, and that Sean Penn did so well playing the character!
The movie was edited in a non-linear manner. I read the story before watching it, so I don't really know if you would understand the entire story or not just by watching it. It can be very confusing, but I appreciate that kinda creativity. The story is... Well, very the dramatic, and sad... But i reckon the actors acted really well in the movie! Naomi Watts and Benicio Del Toro deserve the compliments!
Ohyea, not to forget, seeing Sean Penn naked was like... Ooooohhh~ So Sexy! Of course, guys, if you want, you can see Naomi Watts naked too! :p

Anywayz, this year, more Sean Penn's movies are expected to come out. And Matt Damon! I found out he will have 2 or 3 movies out this year! Yay! I can't wait!!! Let them out fast please!!!



diaLoG wiTh tH3 c@t said...

haha...glad u love my tagged.whee hehe =D
so many review, geng wo.i read until my eyes blur adi @__@
too bad i cant find any movie buff in penang(raynic perhaps....)
i never watch movie in cinema since i cum 2 penang T_T

ShiRLeXia said...

Yea, I love being movie buff! :)
Aiya, now u sprained ur ankle liao how to go to cinema??? Sit at home and watch some pirated DVDs ba!

P/S: I'm watching Marley & Me tomorrow!

diaLoG wiTh tH3 c@t said...

you so bad,seducing me!!!!
it is 1 of my 'wan to watch' list!!!!

ShiRLeXia said...

My friend already watched it and told me it's such a good movie!
I can't wait to watch it!
But you will have to wait lor... Hehehehe...