Friday, August 20, 2010

Dinner @ Ryu Tei, Subang SS15

*Updates: Just got my offer letter and passed my medical check-up. That means I am REALLY going to start work next Tuesday~! Yay~! Shirlexia is finally back to work~! :D

I've always wanted to try this restaurant! So the other night when it was raining Deardo and I decided to go and have some Ramen for dinner.
Ryu Tei, which basically emphasizes on their Ramen is located right next to Tomoe Japanese Restaurant in SS15. Well it looks much more simpler than the other fancy Japanese restaurants nearby though. And there isn't any Japanese serving us too. Worst, the other day when we were there we had to bare with this China man who was doing his 'national action'--spitting non stop! Really a BIG EUWWWWW~~~!!!Didn't take any picture in front of the restaurant because of the rain, so I hope this will do.
Anywayz, I was wrong for thinking the food here are expensive! Their Ramen if I'm not mistaken can be as cheap as RM11 per bowl! They also serve all kind of Japanese food from sushi, sashimi, bento till Tepanyaki. Best of all, they have a few Bento and Ramen sets choices for you to choose from and they are nicely priced too! Ryu Tei has a very simple setting.
Some FOC French Beans Omelet as appetizers.
Since we both were in a mood for noodles than rice, we ordered a set of Temaki & Tan Tan Men Set(RM27) and a Futo Maki Buta(no you won't go blind eating it) Kakuni Ramen Set(RM28). The sets come with a bowl of Ramen, Temaki or Maki, salad(with really yummy dressing too), Chawanmushi, some pickles and two pieces of watermelon.Seriously, that was how I reacted when my set of food arrived!!! Sooooooo bloody excited!!!
The bowl of Tan Tan Men with pieces of pork and vegetables.
Three Temaki for me, including one with Salmon! Yay~!
Deardo Wong looking very hungry already~!
The Buta Kakuni Ramen has some really delicious but fattening pork loin!
The Futo Maki looks pretty nice hey?
The Tan Tan Men that I had has a very spicy soup which would be perfect for spicy food lovers. But I reckon Deardo's Buta Kakuni Ramen is much better with a very flavourful soup. You know sometimes I really hate Japanese noodles soup just because a lot of them tastes just like water with shoyu(soya sauce) but this one is obviously really boiled soup lor! Deardo has really high reviews for his bowl Ramen he said it was THE BEST Ramen he had ever had!
While the Ramen impressed us a lot, the Temaki and Maki are just so-so really. But then the amount of food in the set for that kinda price is really unbelievably reasonable! We were so fulled after finishing everything! And it only cost us like RM27~RM28 per set! Very rare actually, for Japanese food!We had great fun enjoying the food!!! :D
We are definitely going back whenever we have a crave for yummy Ramen~!


Hayley said...

I've heard this restaurant before...
their food looks really yummy!

ShiRLeXia said...

And cheap too~! :D