Saturday, April 23, 2011

Dinner @ Ben's, KLCC

In the very SMART tunnel.
It was a rare Saturday where both Deardo and I didn't need to work. So even though it was raining since morning, we decided to go ahead with our plan of having a day trip in KL. As you've seen in my earlier post, we watched two movies in a day and then proceeded to KLCC for dinner.Posing in front of KLCC after the rain! Phew~! Finally it stopped!
Our original plan was to go to one of our favourite restaurants, California Pizza Kitchen but apparently the one at Fahrenheit is the only California Pizza Kitchen and the one at KLCC has been replaced by a new restaurant called Ben's. Very fancy looking entrance! Nice~!
After much considerations, we decided to give the restaurant a try. Just so you can have a feel of how the restaurant looks like.
Though we both have problem with the Feng Shui of the restaurant. Ok lar, not exactly like we know what's the best Feng Shui lar, it's just that they sort of cover the restaurant up at the front and we thought there were nobody dining in the restaurant but apparently deep inside the shop there were plenty of occupied tables! But I definitely think the deco is cool and the entire atmosphere is very cozy. The simple Aglio Olio.
Yummy Chicken Mushoom Pie.
Fried Calamari.
Deardo ordered the Aglio Olio (RM13.90), I tried the Chicken Mushroom Pie (RM18.90) and we ordered a Fried Calamari (RM14.90) as snack too. I think the Aglio Olio was really just so-so. But the Chicken Mushroom Pie was definitely GOOD! I love the sauce that comes with it and OMG even the salad was fantastic! I especially love the fact that there were so many healthy seeds and nuts in it! They made the salad so crunchy! The Fried Calamari was not too bad, but I love the presentation!
I think for such decent dinner and great dining environment, the price is bloody reasonable! But of course, it's easy to understand they might still in a process of 'testing the water' with the price. But hey if the price stays or doesn't go to high, this place is going to be the right hang-out place for everyone!
As I googled for this restaurant, I found out it's actually under a company named BIG, which also takes care of restaurants like Plan B and Canoodling, which I am actually dying to try very soon!

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