Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Surprisingly good ramen @ Dontaku Ramen

If you notice, this is way back before CNY but I reckon it is always better to post the CNY stuff before you guys and myself lose the CNY mood. And so here's our dining experience at Dontaku!
We were actually quite reluctant to walk into this restaurant, not especially after trying the best ramen ever in KL at Santouka. But Deardo we eventually decided to give it a try anywayz.
Obviously this isn't taken by me. I will definitely skip the uncle sitting at the front... ==|||
Deardo ordered the Saikoro Steak Rice Set while I had the Chasu Tonkotsu Ramen with a set of Gyoza as a side to share.
Saikoro Steak Rice Set at RM 28.
The yummy steak!!!
Chasu Tonkotsu Ramen at RM18. Yumzzz...
Gyoza at RM8.
Deardo's steak was pretty nice, especially when they leave it to the hot stone to slowly cook the steak so that they won't be too over-cooked. I find the beef very juicy! But the Taugeh that comes with it obviously went a bit too over-cooked and dry on that hot stone. My ramen was surprisingly good too! Very thick pork broth and very yummy Chashu, definitely qualified to grab a second best spot after Santouka! :) The Gyoza was not as oily as those you normally get, so they were yummy to my liking too!
Nom nom nom nom...
We also got some very good service from this service staff who is a shim, but my colleague who went actually think their service sucks so I guess it could be luck? *wink~* I don't like their air ventilation system though, it makes you smell like food court after you leave the restaurant. But all in all, the food were surprisingly good! And with two hot green tea plus the 16% charges, the bill came up to RM67.30, which was very reasonable.
Deardo and I think this is a perfect place to go when we crave for nice ramen but unwilling to spend too much like at Santouka! :)

Dontaku Ramen Japanese Restaurant
Lot LG352, Lower Ground Floor,
1 Utama Shopping Centre
Tel: 03-7727 8389, 03-7728 3389

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