Friday, February 3, 2012

Hidden gem @ Lai Thai Market, Happy Mansion

I went to Lai Thai Market couples of week earlier before CNY, when I was down with flu and cough... Unfortunately. ;(
Anywayz, Deardo bought me to Lai Thai Market, which I would otherwise call it a 'hidden gem' because wow, looking at the super simple restaurant, you wouldn't expect such nice and original Thai food!!! Oh wait, they aren't even a restaurant! It's a Thai market below some old flats where you can find all kind of imported Thai grocery and food. The owner just decided to make one half of the shop into a mini food stall with limited tables and chairs. Mind you, Deardo said the place is always jam-packed during normal lunch hours with people working around PJ area squeezing themselves into the little shop!
Simple, simple, simple is the name!
Of course, I didn't miss the chance to try the famous 'Nam Tuk', or simply Thai Pork Noodles, but because of my sickness, I had to go for the clear soup one while Deardo had the spicy one. Out of bias-ness, I also ordered a Pad Thai to share (I love Pad Thai, you don't know meh? :p)

Our yummy 'Nam Tuk's~! Must try whenever you visit Lai Thai Market!
Very home-cooked Pad Thai.
The pork noodles with the thinner version of Kuey Teow was awesome! It's a bit like those Vietnamese beef noodles, only this one with pork and loads of pork livers which I normally don't like! Their pork livers were cut very thinly and they were so soft and yummy I couldn't help but finish all of them! Love them! Slurp~! I tried Deardo's spicy version of the noodles and it was spicy! Good choice for those who love to challenge their taste buds! I didn't find the Pad Thai very nice though, perhaps because there weren't any seafood except for the dried prawns.
So obvious I was sick and looked like I just woke up minutes ago....
Rare case: Deardo enjoying spicy food so much!
I think the reason why the food are so yummy was because they are all cooked by real Thais who own the shop. And I love the little space and its atmosphere because hey you actually see the aunty playing with her grandchild with her son or daughter and daughter-in-law or son-in-law like it's they are at home! I also think the price is reasonable. Three dishes with a bottle of imported Thai Green Tea, we spend RM19 for that early dinner. I assume each of the dish cost RM5 lar, which is acceptable.
Their Som Dtam (some mango salad or something) is quite famous too but it's super spicy I heard, gotta try it next time when I'm not sick... :)

Lai Thai Market
AG-3, Block A,
Happy Mansion,
Jalan 17/13,
Section 17,
Petaling Jaya
(Same flat where Food Foundry is located at)
Tel: 03-7954 4688

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