Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Porky treat @ The Hungry Hog, SS15 Subang

Some time ago a colleague recommended this place which is not far away from our house and I was surprised at myself for not knowing about this restaurant any earlier.
Deardo and I went there for lunch one fine Saturday before we went back to Taiping for CNY. The restaurant is seriously simple but I love the fact that they use random different types of tables and chairs in the restaurant. That's so cute! And I can see the old aunty and uncle chilling out there, whom I assume are either the parents of the owner or the owner themselves.Such a homey place!
It's all about the oink oink oink!
Anywayz, as my post title suggested, it's a restaurant that serve basically nothing but PORK! I'm serious! Their menu, including drinks and desserts are only listed in a 2-page menu and every single dish has pork in it, including one of their desserts that says 'Bacon Ice-Cream'. What I like about the menu is that it has a variety of Western and Asian food. So you can find burgers and pork chops, as well as Thai Pork Rice or even Siew Yok (Roast Pork). So imagine if you love Western food, you can go with your parent who might prefer Asian food! Cool, right?
Siew Yuk, RM11.90.
Porky Chop, RM19.90.
3 Little Pigs, RM15.90.
I didn't like their Siew Yok so much mainly because I think we got the wrong part of the pig lar, it was a bit too fat to my liking. The Porky Chops also seems a little weird because of a weird part of the pig that they used, which I'm obviously unsure which part is it. It was just not pork 'chop'. But me being me, I love the mustard seed gravy that comes with the pork! Our favourite must be their signature 3 Little Pigs (cute name too!) which is a burger which comes with a pork patty, bacon, ham and cheese. It was simple but delicious although I actually think it would taste even better if the ham is grilled or fried too.
And very cute OINKNOUNCEMENT! :)
And very cute customer! :p
Together with two Chinese tea, the bill came up to RM55.80, which is quite cheap actually for that kinda food you are getting. I don't think it's the best pork-based-restaurant I've ever tried, but for small and not too fancy deco, food and cheaper price, The Hungry Hog is quite a good place for especially those pork lovers out there! And there are still so many other dishes to try out!!! I only had like three of them!!!

The Hungry Hog
71, Jalan SS15/4C,
47500 Subang Jaya,
Tel: 012- 225 0877

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