Friday, February 17, 2012

Stir-fry Cabbage and Tomato (tomato lovers will love this!)

This is sort of like a Mamo's signature dish which we eat a lot and love a lot growing up. But I must admit this is a dish strictly for the tomato lovers. Those who totally can't accept tomatoes will totally hate this.
It's extremely simple a dish. Let's see what you need to cook this dish.
Chopped garlic, shrimps (optional), cabbage cut into pieces, tomato cut into quarters, corn flour, oyster sauce or salt to taste.

What to do:
1) Simmer the garlic in hot oil till brownish.
2) Add in the shrimps and tomato. In my case, I love my tomato to be mashed so that I can taste the tomato in the gravy, so I squeeze them in the wok or pan. Add some water if you wish.
3) Now add in the cabbage and stir well. Add some water and cover with lit to let it boil a bit.
4) Now add in the oyster sauce or salt to taste.
5) Pour in cornflour in water to thicken the gravy and you are done! :)

Easy right? Mamo sometimes add ginger slices in for an extra punch of taste. And to those vegans out there, you have an option to skip the shrimp and oyster sauce (or use vegetarian oyster sauce) to make it a vegetarian dish too! Absolutely yummy and healthy!!!
At home we normally have this with rice, of course. But when I was in Perth, I used to have this to go with spaghetti! Yeah I think my creativity in cooking started in Perth, especially when I'm sick of only red and white sauce for pastas! I would come up with some random Asian-style stir-fry dishes with loads of gravy to go with my pastas!
Happy trying! :D

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