Thursday, January 2, 2014

It's 2014 Already!!!

A very happy 2014 from Deardo and I!!! 
Really, didn't 2013 just past in a blink? It felt like the Christmas party at our house last year just happened yesterday!
Well to sum it up, 2013 was a little bit of a quiet yet busy year. Not much of fun because I didn't do any travelling except for a two-day trip to Singapore but that was of course due to the fact that we were quite busy and financially stuck because of our wedding, which was the most exciting thing that happened to me the entire year.
In 2013, I officially become a married woman. Very surreal of course!
So after a very quiet 2013, 2014 will be a very scary year for me that I was not really celebrating the new year in a way. A lot of changes in life, making my new year resolutions very much harder than the usual ones. I think it is great that I write them down so I can constantly revisit this post to remind myself of them and that the whole world (okay, I know not the whole world reads my blog) will read and will (hopefully) remind me once in a while! :p

1) Take the new career's challenge and own it (boo~yeah~~)!!!
After almost 3-and-a-half year at my current job, I'm ready to move on. It is a brand new industry, brand new environment, brand new job scope and pretty much a very very brand new challenge. It is a field that I am very interested in yet I know from the bottom of my heart the competitive industry makes the job a little bit more difficult.
But when I signed the offer letter, I've told myself, screw it! I'm gonna just take it as a challenge and make the best out of it! I mean, how did I survive myself in KL and Perth alone for so many years? So why can't I do it now that I have more people supporting me? To think positively, I might just accidentally create a great portfolio for myself in one of my favourite industries by bringing brilliant result to the company! So really, I just have to stay positive and take everything as they come! :)

2) Make driving a breeze (wheeee~~~)
I was never a born driver. LOL!
Okay, so this is like a confession that some of you may not know: I HAVE DRIVING PHOBIA. 
Yeap, I got my driving license long time ago but ever since hitting a motorbike in a very minor accident, I have the fear for driving for like, forever??? I did drive a bit here and there, but not long distance and don't even think about parking...
This year though, it has become compulsory that I MUST pick up driving again because 1) Deardo just changed his manual car into an auto one just for me to get back on the wheels again and 2) My new job will require more travelling around town. So really, I DON'T HAVE A FREAKING CHOICE ANYMORE!!!
So professional driving sifu who wanna sponsor me for any driving lessons are very much welcomed! Otherwise, advises and encouragements are also very much needed! Really, I need people to tell me I can do it more often to overcome the fear!!! 
P/S: Next time if you see me driving on the road, make sure to say hi but stay a bit far away from my car, ok? :p

3) Fit into that freakin' Cheongsam!!!
Me in my Cheongsam four years ago...
Four years ago, Deardo bought me my first Cheongsam for CNY and I really love it. Unfortunately that was the only time I wore it, simply because I couldn't fit into it anymore!!! ;(
The truth is that seeing Deardo (and our makan adventures) and also working (and the stress and free food) at the then new place, I've put on 10kg in that three years or so. That's quite a scary number for most girls, isn't it? It was really a personal record to me and it freaked me out for quite some time until I managed to slim down for our big day last year. That was however, only 5kg gone. So that piece of Cheongsam hanging in my wardrobe has now become the benchmark for my diet plan!
So to myself and many other girls out there, JIA YOU! FIGHTING! GAMBATEH NE! :)

4) Make our dream honeymoon a reality 
So after our wedding, many have asked about our honeymoon and you will normally get the same answer from me: NO MONEY YET!
Both Deardo and I have some dream places to go but we have recently decided that our honeymoon should be in the States because whenever we talk about it, both of us got really excited. Be it the Grand Canyon, Hollywood, New York, Las Vegas or the shopping and the Broadway shows!
Well of course, the trip requires quite a huge amount of money and I know deep in my heart that I MUST I MUST I MUST save up for the trip! So you guys, remind me to save up okay??? 
Anyway, looking at the timeline, we might only be able to go next year so some small trips should be in plan this year too, any suggestions? Nearer and cheaper options, guys?

My new year at Pavilion this year, still with a lot of doubts running in my head! 
Like I said earlier, my resolutions this year aren't easy to achieve but they are definitely not impossible too. I will try to stay optimistic and be productive this year! 
What about yours? Any new year resolutions? Any that are similar to mine? Whatever they are, I wish you all the best and let's make 2014 a very very good year! :D


Yan said...

You look great in the blue and white outfit. The Christmas decor background and you make such a perfect picture. Happy New Year to you and your loved one.

ShiRLeXia said...

Awwww thanks a lot Yan! I got that lovely dress from Zalora!

Happy New Year to you and your family too! :)

Hayley said...

Happy new year!

Nice blog layout but the wordings are a bit hard to read la! xD

ShiRLeXia said...

Hi Hayley!

Yeah oh? I'm also still checking with people's feedbacks? Is it the font or the colours?