Friday, January 24, 2014

Your Favourite Local Dishes with a Twist @ Wondermama, Bangsar Village

Situated right next to Plan B, it is pretty hard to miss Wondermama as it is right in front of Bangsar Village 1. The entire design is very vintagy and old school, in a Malaysian way I must say, including some of the cool decorations used in the restaurant. Seems like concept is such an important thing in restaurants and cafes nowadays isn't it?
Blackboards all over!!!
Quite a cozy restaurant I must say.
Look what they use to put up their special promo!
Their simple menu with some hidden gems inside!
Concept aside, the selections of food in the menu also look pretty exciting! You will notice it's a mixture of fusion to Western dishes. So when you order a local dish, do not expect it to come just like the ordinary ones that you normally have.
My Special Maggi Goreng, RM14.90.
BIL's Nyonya Laksa, RM13.90.
Deardo's Nasi Lemak 4.0, RM17.90 and yes there are Nasi Lemak 1.0-4.0! 
SIL's Creamy Butter Chicken Burger, RM14.80.
My Special Maggi Goreng was although oily, which is quite normal, was really delicious with a fried egg, very fresh Sotong, Prawns and even scallop! It has a 'special' in the name for a reason okay! I tried the Nyonya Laksa's soup and it is pretty 'kaw' too, while the Nasi Lemak 4.0 is quite average, although I love the Sambal heaps! The Creamy Butter Chicken Burger was also quite a creative and yuimmy one, with the butter chicken very nicely done. Only complain? A bit difficult to eat since the chicken wasn't a flat piece of patty. 
Mari Mari Fried Squid, RM 15.90.
The Mari Mari Fried Squid (I'm assuming it means Calamari in a funky way) that we had to share was my ultimate favourite. Not only was the batter and squid were good, the way they mix them with some crunchy Chili Ikan Bilis added such a brilliant kick into the dish! Well done to whoever created this dish! :)
Cham Ice with Kopi Jelly, RM8.50.
I also love my Cham Ice with Kopi Jelly heaps! The Cham was 'kaw' enough to my liking yet not too sweet, with a balance of both coffee and tea flavours and the grass jelly was so huge I thought that was cute! LOL! And best of all, it was served in an old school steel mug! How cool! 
Complimentary Tang Yuen since it was Winter Solstice! How awesome?
We didn't have any dessert but I heard their Cempedak Cake is pretty nice too! 
Jolie also had the Wonder Kids Set at RM12.90.
Us enjoying our brunch while Jolie got really amazed by her first Yakult of her life!
All food, including two drinks, plus government tax and service charge, the bill came up to RM123.75, still quite reasonable, especially for Bangsar area. I didn't think their service was that fantastic though, I think most of the staff need a little bit more of training. But overall I love the food and the entire ambiance of the restaurant. I'm definitely going back, and I'm actually going back this weekend! Can't wait to try out other dishes!!! 

Bangsar Village 1 (G6),
Jalan Telawi, Bangsar Baru.
59100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-2284 9821

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