Sunday, January 19, 2014

Comfort Food at an Affordable Price @ Bad Boy Cooks, Oasis Square

The colleagues and I recently sort of go out for dinner after work or weekends, followed by coffee, quite often. I think sometimes it's just to distress and catch-up, but sometimes also to celebrate some special occasions. :)
The FANTASTIC FOUR as my models. LOL!
Well this particular visit to Bad Boy Cooks wasn't for any of the above reasons I guess but I was pretty excited to go out with them after a few days of absence at work because of some bloody mosquito!
The restaurant has a very American fast food restaurant setting, despite not serving fast food and isn't self-service (phew for that~).
A first glance at the two-pager menu kinda made our jaw dropped a bit because of the economical price! Until the food were served, we understand why they are so cheap - the portion are not as big as what you normally get from other restaurants around town. 
Anyway, here are what we ordered that night at starters...
Chili Nachos, RM6.
Tempura Mushrooms, RM5.
Comfort Chicken, RM6.
Country Mushrooms, RM6.
Bad Boy Chowder, RM6.
Italian Tomato, RM6.
Oh yes, I know they look like a lot of food. But we did so because the portion was small and they were cheap! Personally, I prefer the Tempura Mushrooms over the the Chili Nachos simply because of the flour and the sauce that came with it. We actually only ordered three soups, but ended up with all four that they offers in their menu because their Comfort Chicken Soup tasted really burnt so we asked to change to the Bad Boy Chowder, which was not too bad. The Country Mushroom was quite average but I like how they actually use Oyster Mushrooms and Shitake Mushrooms instead of normal button mushrooms! I like the Italian Tomato a lot but honestly, the texture makes it looks more like Sambal or something...
As for mains...
 Lea had the Super BB, RM18.
Maddy's Fried Chicken, RM10.
June's BB Dog at RM9.
My Grilled Chicken at RM10 too.
Jason's BB Bessie, RM9.
Bad Boy Cooks is actually better known for their burgers and hotdogs but I think I made a right choice by having the Grilled Chicken which I had with Mushroom gravy. It is however quite uncommon to see mushrooms sauce comes with yellowish colour and with oyster mushroom but taste wise, quite decent. Maddy's Fried Chicken was not up to her expectation, probably because we were all expecting like American style Fried Chicken than a piece of chicken that looks more like the Fried Fish in Fish n' Chips!
Those who had the burgers and hotdogs were pretty happy with their meal, which is a good thing! But yes, I could see why they only had one complain - some gravy to make them not so dry please!!!
I wouldn't say the food was fantastic, not when we had some burnt soup on our table! But honestly speaking, for that price, the food were quite decent. Plus, we actually enjoyed some of the dishes! Because of the usage of a lot of uncommon ingredients, especially oyster mushrooms in almost everything, I would say it served more like comfort homey food than real American-styled food. And compare to a lot of famous restaurants these days that serve dishes that are often too complicated, this place is definitely a breath of fresh air!
Photos from Lea's phone, if you notice they look different than the rest! :p
Bad Boy Cooks
Lot R-07 Central Piazza,
No. 2 Jalan PJU 1A/7A,
Oasis Square,
Oasis Damansara,
47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
Tel: 03-7832 3969

Anyway, we had great fun at Oasis Square and I personally love that area a lot. We visited the place quite often after that not only for meals but for some awesome coffee at one of the cafes which I'm gonna blog about later.
Still a very quiet and comfortable place with free parking still at the moment! :)


CQUEK said...

oh my... i want this!!! yum!

ShiRLeXia said...

Go get it!

Hayley said...

We all deserve to eat like this once a while, hehe!

ShiRLeXia said...

Yes Hayley! Once in a while! :)