Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Cream of Broccoli Recipe, etc

I've been wanting to try making some cream soups ever since we got our blender few months back. So Cream of Broccoli was my first try and I did it pretty much according to this recipe found online. Only differences: I skipped the celery (because people in the family are not a fan of it) and I didn't follow the exact amount stated in the recipe cos you know I just prefer it freestyle. :p

Since you can find the ingredients in the website, let's start with the cooking, shall we?
1) In a pot, melt some butter under small fire.
2) Now add in the chopped onion (make sure it's yellow or white, not red onion) and simmer till they turn brownish. 
3) Pour in the broccoli and fry them a little bit.
4) Now add in the chicken broth (you can use pre-packed ones or you can make your own like me, just boil some chicken bones with a little bit of salt). 
5) Now let it boil until the broccoli turn soft. 
6) Then pour the soup into a blender and blend well. You should be able to get smooth texture of the soup by now. If you are using a blender like me, you will need to only pour halfway full and make it 3-4 times to finish blending the whole pot. Otherwise you can use a stick blender to blend your soup right in the pot itself (providing your pot is not the non-stick one).
7) Now in a smaller pot, melt some butter over medium to small fire.
8) Then add in the flour and stir.
9) Now pour in the milk and continue to stir until it forms a starch. 
10) Stir the starch into the soup evenly, if you have problem dissolving it like me, you can do it over a small fire. Add salt and pepper to taste.

And yes you are done! Served with bread/garlic bread or in my case, sourdough bread and yummmzzzz....
Personally, I find the recipe super duper simple! Too simple that I don't think I want to order any Cream of Broccoli at any restaurant anymore, thinking that I can easily make an awesome one cheaper at home! The soup was a success in terms of taste but it was a failure with the starch because they just couldn't dissolve into the soup so I ended up having pieces of starch in my soup!. I think the next time I make this I will skip the entire No.7 onward and just add cream! That will be way easier!
I love the soup (Lil' Yue Yue a.k.a Jolie was basically addicted to the soup when we fed her with this) and will definitely make it again someday! :)

Here are the rest of my other random cooking that I bother to snap photos of:
I call this Roast Chicken Breast with Cheese over Sweet Potato Leaves, Served with Ham & Egg Couscous. Very easy to make yet it looks like super gung-ho! LOL!

I call these cleaning-up-the-vegetables-in-the-fridge-lunch box! Yes my Romaine Cabbage and Avocado were rotting so I made couscous and salad for a healthy yet super filling lunch to eat at work!

Fried Bihun with Fish Sauce! Did this because I don't feel like having black coloured fried Bihun! LOL! It tasted great though! Had it for dinner and lunch next day! Home-cooked lunch FTW! :D

Our very humble and quiet Winter Solstice dinner for two: Stir-fry Chicken, Potato and Mushrooms with Dark Soya Sauce and Stir-fry Mixed Vegetables to go with 10-grain rice. No Tang Yuen afterwards though... :(

Pan-fry Pork Shoulder with Creamy Curry Mushroom Served with Fresh Mint Mashed Potato and Stir-fry Okra. The Okra aside, the creamy curry mushroom was created by myself, by simply adding in cream and curry powder after drying the mushrooms! The Fresh Mint Mashed Potato was from some recipe book I have at home and gosh that was so yummy and refreshing!!! Certainly a dinner that we enjoyed heaps! :D

Hungry yet? Time for dinner yaw~! :p

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