Friday, June 6, 2014

Not Your Usual Canteen @ Awesome Canteen

After months of its opening, I finally got myself to pay Awesome Canteen a visit.
I must admit that I personally know the owners of the place through my previous job. It's quite an interesting story how a group of designers suddenly decided to take an interesting turn in their career into F&B. Yes, they are a group of designers, which is why the entire concept, furniture and interior design of Awesome Canteen are pretty unique and are signaturely theirs. Food wise, they opted for healthy (absolutely no MSG) and comfort food, which you can also go with a cup of coffee or slice of homemade cake.
Vintage plus a little modern fun at Awesome Canteen.
Here's the thing, despite knowing them personally, I'm going to give an honest review on their food. So here are what we had that day...
Potato Salad, RM12.90.
Beef-Paleo Burger, RM21.90.
Since they are famous with their Potato Salad and Beef-Paleo Burger, those were what I ordered. The Potato Salad tasted okay but the amount of onion were either too generous or too chunky to my liking. The bacon bits were also slightly too hard to chew. So that was in my personal opinion, a little over-rated. The Beef-Paleo Burger however, impressed me a lot. I had the one without buns (no carb hehe) so it comes with a Portobello Mushrooms instead which is perfect for people who are health cautious or on a carb-free diet. The very well-grilled mushrooms, with the juicy beef patty and cheese were not the only stuff I love about the dish. What I love the most is how the juice of the patty flows down to the salad that are underneath the 'burger' and makes a natural yet delicious dressing to the otherwise dry vegetables. Oh yumzzzz to the max! The dish also comes with a side of roasted pumpkin and scrambled egg which may not be fantastic but I was just glad there are not fried or wedges! :)
Spaghetti Aglio Olio with Grilled Chicken Breast, RM18.90.
Creamy Bites. Coming soon perhaps?
Deardo had the Spaghetti Aglio Olio with Grilled Chicken Breast which was a bit too bland. We told Sheaynee (one of the partners) about it and she admitted they have been struggling to fine-tune the taste of the dish since they are trapped between lighter taste (healthier) or heavier taste. I like the ham pieces that came with the dish though. She also presented us with a complimentary dish - Creamy Bites, which is cream of vegetables sticks and they were pretty awesome, especially when served hot! :)
Us enjoying our Sunday brunch! 
The bill came up to RM53.70, which is quite a standard price.
While 'awesome' may be a little too over-the-top to describe the cafe/restaurant, there are dishes that are truly awesome and are there to surprise you. The Paleo Burger for instance, is a must-try! And from what I know, they constantly come up with new dishes that are both healthy yet yummy (based on their photos) and even have set meals for an economical option! Do check out their FB for updates! I'm gonna make sure I try their soup too one day!

Awesome Canteen
No.19, Jalan 20/13,
Taman Paramount,
46300 Petaling Jaya,
Tel: 03-7865 8048

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