Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Our Eating Trip in Seremban


Deardo and I have been thinking for a while on what to do to make our weekends a bit more interesting rather than constantly waking up at 11am or 12pm (I love those sleep though) and then couldn't put ourselves to sleep at night. In fact, we were pretty active back then when we first started dating, doing road trips to Malacca, Genting and Cameron Highlands.

So to keep the fire burning after a short discussion, decision has been made. WE ARE GOING TO SEREMBAN!

Since Seremban is quite near (only about an hour drive) and is a place that we've never really explored (except for Port Dickson), that sounds like a good decision! But... What to do there? A quick search found little stuff to do in Seremban. Most of them are about FOOD, FOOD and more FOOD.
So, screw whatever planning, let's go to Seremban to stuff ourselves up eat our hearts out then!

Quinn Seremban Beef Noodle
Our makan trip started late because of the rain so when we arrived in Seremban it was already 11ish in the morning. So we gave up on eating at their famous market's food court and went straight to one of the branches of the very famous Seremban Beef Noodle.
Truth is, I've wanted to try this beef noodle for like forever and I was thrilled to have finally have a mouth on it! LOL!

Seremban Beef Noodles finally! YAY!!!
As newbies, we ordered a soup and a dry version, plus a bowl of beef balls to go with our first meal of the day. As you may or may not know, the dry version is the more common one in Seremban and it's thick sauce is something very different compared to those that you'll typically find in KL. Other obvious difference is the noodle, which is Lai Fun (Laksa Noodle) which we find pretty nice! But like those in KL, it comes with a range of beef and innards, which are absolutely nicely done.
Perhaps just because we are not used to the thick sauce (not to say we didn't like it), we prefer the soup version mainly because the soup tasted pretty awesome with the addition of salted vege, spring onion and Chinese celery. Beef balls were quite normal though.
We paid RM24.20, including drinks for that first meal and my only complain is the portion being a bit too small to be charged RM6 per bowl of noodle. Otherwise, it was an awesome meal and a great start to our makan journey! :)

Quinn Seremban Beef Noodle
108, Jalan Toman 6,
Kemayan Square,
70200 Seremban, NS
Tel: 012-269 9836

Wah Heng Roast Duck, Restaurant Haup Huat
As the Hakka Mee we wanted to go to was closed at the time we went, we moved on to give this roast duck stall a try, as recommended by Eat Your Heart Out. I knew it was a risky choice because roast duck is just way too common.
Staying up to its name as one of the famous food outlets in Seremban, by 12pm they only had roast duck and sausage left and we were quite disappointed because from picture, the roast pork looks pretty awesome too. Anyway, we settled for whatever left...
#fatdieme is an understatement here... 
Now here's the verdict, while the roast duck isn't the best I've ever tried, it is indeed one of the better ones that is worth trying. Fragrant oily rice was pretty good too that I totally gave up my no-rice diet and wallup the entire plate of rice! #fatdieme
Two plates of duck-sausage rice cost us RM19.30, which is slightly on an higher range of price.

Kedai Nasi Ayam-Itik Wah Heng, Restoran Haup Huat
Jalan Tuanku Munawir,
70000 Seremban, NS

Curry Laksa @ Restoran Asia
While The above two places are pretty close to each other, this restaurant is located slightly out of town area. But boy the crowd was pretty great when we were there on a rainy day! Two aunties, which I suspect are mother and daughter run the business and that already gave me an good indication that this one will be good.
We ordered a small bowl since we just had whole plate of rice, but the portion is quite big! The bowl of noodles comes with tofu pok, cockles, chicken and half an half-boiled egg in a very unique soup. While Curry Laksa to most of us in KL means Curry Mee, this one is literally Curry+Laksa, I mean if I'm not mistaken! The soup has a strong curry taste yet doesn't have a lot of coconut milk in it. In stead, it has a little soury taste that makes the soup really delicious. In other words, this is the most kick-ass Curry Laksa I've ever tried in a long long time!
Extremely unforgettable and I'm gonna make sure I'll be back for more! :)
Noodles here are priced at RM4.30 (small), RM4.80 (medium) and RM5.30 (big). They also make dry noodles that look more like Hakka Mee and I'm gonna make sure I try that too one day!

Restoran Asia
364, Jalan Tok Ungku,
70100 Seremban, NS

La Roasteria Coffee
Since we are both quite into coffee recently, it makes more sense for us to also explore cafes in Seremban. After some research and out of conveniency (it was raining the whole day), we went into Seremban Prima (ex-Seremban Parade) to give La Roasteria Coffee a try.
The cafe reminds me of Artisan Roast in KL, but this has certainly a lot more choices in terms of drinks and food. We sat down and ordered a Latte and a Cappuccino and waited for around 20 minutes for our drinks to arrive. They have an open concept kitchen so it was pretty obvious that while they have quite a number of people working in the kitchen (cooking and making coffee, then serving), they all looked a little disorganised.
Top: Latte, Bottom: Cappuccino, both at RM 7.20.
Unfortunately our coffee weren't presented that well. Deardo was complaining about them not putting efforts into making any latte arts and yes the truth is they really looked terrible, with coffee already spilling out of the cup! So now it boils down to the taste of the coffee. Fortunately for them, the coffee were quite good. While they are not as 'kaw' as those that we love, the coffee however, did pretty well, especially for a brand that is operating in a small town.
It was good gesture that a guy came to ask us for feedback after we paid our bill and I hope they do improve after that. It was only their first week of operation at that outlet when we visited, but in the service industry, that shouldn't be an excuse. I hope they catch-up, otherwise it's not going to be easy to survive with the high demand in the consumers we have nowadays.

La Roasteria Coffee
Seremban Prima Shopping Mall
Jalan Dato' Bandar Tunggal,
70000 Seremban

It was a stomach-filling half-day Seremban Fat-Die-Me trip, but it was very much worth it because now we know where to go for good food in Seremban, especially when we don't know where to head to in KL city anymore! Of course we were too full to try their famous Seremban Baked Crabs, so more reasons to go back yo~! :p


Hayley said...

Miss those days when we are still paktor-ing, so free and easy, can go jalan jalan cari makan anytime we want.
Things changed after we have kids, though it brings another type of happiness, I do miss those paktor day, hehe!

ShiRLeXia said...

Haha Hayley! I know right!
So I'm gonna try to do as much of trips like this before officially having kids! :)