Monday, June 23, 2014

Hi-Tea the Tai Tai Way @ Majestic Hotel, KL

I think almost all foodies know about the famous hi-tea at Majestic Hotel that takes up to a month to book your table. I have heard about it for quite a while now but have not tried it until 3e invited me to join the Teh sisters and Ah Ma for a belated Mother's Day celebration. She herself have booked the table 2 weeks ahead. 
The walk down to the cafe itself was mesmerising with very old-school English styled dining rooms and decorations. Of course we also walked passed and shamelessly camwhored in front of the gorgeous Orchid Room which you need to pay extra to have your hi-tea at. It was quite an experience for me even if you wanna called me suaku. Almost everything looks so grand and pretty! :)
I am also very glad with their high-standard service, where the server came to explain everything to us, even suggesting to go with which cheaper options and all. For that I give them a five-star. Of course their service became a bit slower later on when the place was fully packed but it wasn't too bad still.
Me love enjoying a 'tai-tai' day!

The hi-tea set is priced at RM48++ per set so for the seven of us, we ordered only 4 hi-tea sets with another 3 extra drinks orders (coffee or tea), which was certainly more than enough. The tea and coffee are also all refillable.
This is a tray of 2 hi-tea sets.
The cakes.
The scones.
The sandwiches.
To be fair, I don't really fancy cakes and sweet stuff. To me hi-tea is more for the experience itself and so I didn't think any of their sweet items were any outstanding. While the sandwiches weren't fantastic, I appreciate the different bread and better ingredients e.g. alfalfa and smoked salmon used to make them.
The savoury items.
The savoury items came in a separate dish with mini popiah, cheese balls and vol-au-vents which make me very happy. Not stingy with their fillings, the items were fresh, warm and still crispy when they were served onto our table. 
Cute little mini ice-cream!
As we continued our chat and camwhoring all the way till 6pm, we also got our mini coned ice-cream to wrap things up before the manager came over to say hi and asked us for feedback.
A selfie with 3e!
And not exactly a selfie with 4e.
Ah Ma with her cute expression! 
4e, Ah Ma, 3e and Uncle Thong enjoying the hi-tea.
My too-hawt aunts here who look like they 100% would qualified to be my sisters! 
Before we left, the manager chased after Ah Ma and handed her a pot of fresh orchid as a gift just because we said it was a belated Mother's Day celebration. So once again, well done for the 5-star hospitality! :)
Ah Ma is all smile with her pot of pretty orchid! :)
The bill came up to around RM280 with taxes and service charges, which is quite acceptable for a hotel standard. Most importantly, the service and food we had were a class above. Definitely way better than the hi-tea I tried at Delicious, which is more expensive! So to all hi-tea kakis, I think this Majestic Hotel's hi-tea is worth a try!

The Tea Lounge
Majestic Hotel Kuala Lumpur
5, Jalan Hishamuddin,
50000 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-2785 8000


Hayley said...

Go this place also must wear nice and high class, heheheh!

ShiRLeXia said...

Haha yes Hayley! Must be like a tai tai! :p