Sunday, June 1, 2014

Of Monster, Evil Fairy & Gay Couple

Director: Gareth Edwards
Cast: Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Ken Watanabe, Elizabeth Olsen, Sally Hawkins, Bryan Cranston
Synopsis: A large creature is discovered in the ocean, which then turned out to be three different creatures - a Godzilla and two MUTO. The creatures fight-off since there can be only ONE GODZILLA...
The Thumb-Up(s): Urm... I think... Sally Hawkins and Bryan Cranston gave some very powerful acting. Story wise, while it's a little funny to see human gave up fighting the creatures that are killing people and ruining buildings then decided to watch them fight, it's still quite a fresh idea? I also must say the story line which is based on family ties is totally cooler than a cheesy romance here.
The Thumb-Down(s): It's really weird that a Godzilla movie actually sees Godzilla fighting two giant grasshopper for God knows what reason. Okay, well we are assuming cos there can only be ONE SINGLE GODZILLA on earth, that's why! But then after fighting off the two giant grasshoppers, Godzilla just walked off and continue to enjoy his swim in the ocean, making him the hero of the city was just WEIRDER. It really makes me miss my Ultraman or Power Rangers. That would add in so much of colours to the movie!
And what's with all the blackouts whenever the creatures start to fight? It's supposed to be an action movie!
The Verdict: Well not that I didn't expect this, but this movie has just proven me right in many ways. I won't say everyone should skip the movie, but definitely still not my type of movie. Now give me some Power Rangers, would you?

The Maleficent
Director: Robert Stromberg
Cast: Angelina Jolie, Elle Fanning, Sharito Copley, Sam Riley
Synopsis: There are apparently story that you do not know behind the story of the evil fairy and the sleeping beauty, simply because there are always reasons behind every action.
The Thumb-Up(s): The visuals and special effects are so beautiful and mind-blowing, and that's all you actually need in a Disney movie.
While I'm absolutely not a fan of Angelina Jolie, Maleficent is a perfect role for her. I had goosebumps when she said those few evil lines in the movie with that voice and expression. Too bad that evil part of the character didn't last long cos her being angelic really doesn't impress me, at all. Nevertheless, I love the twist of the story where the evil fairy actually saved the sleepy beauty, not a prince because that's the true love! *applause~*
The Thumb-Down(s): As a movie, I find the early part of the movie a bit too slow-paced. It's going to bore your kids out I tell ya.
The Verdict: The fairy tale you know every single bit of the story and the ending with a twist? Totally my type of movie. It's pretty cool a movie I must say! :)

Behind the Candelabra
Director: Steven Soderbergh
Cast: Michael Douglas, Matt Damon, Dan Aykroyd, Rob Lowe
Synopsis: Based on a true story, Scott Thorson, an animal trainer meets Liberace, a celebrity pianist after watching him perform. Liberace convinced him to leave home to work for him as an assistant and a lover. The movie follows the development of their love-hate relationship in a sometimes comedic, sometimes ridiculous and sometimes sad ways.
The Thumb-Up(s): While it is a TV-movie that was only aired on TV in the US, the effort and money spent in the entire set design and costume are obviously great. From the castle-like house of Liberace, his forever-bling bling costumes down to Scott's stylish bling swimming trunk... Totally jaw-dropping!
Steven Soderbergh is not only a genius for directing such a brilliant movie, but also casting such a fantastic cast. Michael Douglas and Matt Damon, as straight guys playing a gay couple were awesome in the movie! The emotion and those looks in their faces almost make you wonder if they are real-life couple! As a Matt Damon's fan, I think this is probably the sexiest time I've ever seen him in a movie! :p I would also like to compliment Rob Lowe for an outstanding performance! 
The Thumb-Down(s): Perhaps not everyone can accept the odd story line about a lonely celebrity who has to hide his sexual orientation and the crazy things he does? E.g. asking his lover to go through plastic surgery to look more like him? I'm totally fine with it though.
The Verdict: Strong cast, great visuals and entertaining story. If you can, find a way to watch this!


applefish said...

just watched maleficient yesterday...
I love this movie!

ShiRLeXia said...

Urm... Not bad lar!