Friday, August 15, 2014

Must-Try Fried Laksa @ Well Cook Gourmet, SS15 Subang

Well Cook Gourmet is actually quite an established name in the Subang Jaya neighbourhood. Almost everyday during lunch and dinner you will see the simple-looking shop packed with its loyal customers. It took us quite a while to finally give the restaurant a try.
Their menu is quite extensive, from their signature Fried Laksa to some other fried noodle and rice dishes, up to the traditional soup laksa and their famous Popiah.
Fried Laksa, RM7.50.
Naturally, we ordered the much-talk-about Fried Laksa which definitely live up to its star status. While it is definitely an oilier version of a soup Laksa, the fried version has a unique spicy and sour kick that when added with fresh cucumber, onion, pineappla, bunga kantan and mint leaves topping made it such an unforgettable experience for the taste bud. It is a dish that looks simple yet obviously screaming of flavours. I've tried other Fried Laksa before but this is certainly way better than that. 
Popiah Set, RM6.50.
Fried Mee Jawa, RM7.50. 
We also ordered their famous Popiah set and they were truly delicious too. What I love the most is that the popiah was well executed that it was so neat and not too wet so the popiah was still firm and neat until the final piece on the plate. Taste wise, you can taste how light and fresh the ingredients were! Another thumb-up for that! We also tried the Fried Mee Jawa which was okay, but still can't beat the love we have for the Fried Laksa...
Me, the Fried Laksa lover.
At the moment, the restaurant is still free of taxes and service charge so a meal there for two with drinks and side order most definitely come up to around RM25, which is quite affordable. We have since went back again and with it being so close to home, I'm sure we will be back more often! :)

Well Cook Gourmet
No.74, Jalan SS14/2,
Subang Jaya,
47500 Selangor
Tel: 012-6754 388

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