Monday, August 11, 2014

The Home Cooking Dishes, Sg. Way, Round 2

So after our first visit to The Home Cooking Dishes, we found out later that some bloggers actually prefer their Siew Yok rather than their signature Char Siew, which we obviously love a lot. So the curious us headed back to the restaurant on a Friday evening for dinner! Note: Their Siew Yok are only available on Friday nights. 
So here are what we tried for dinner...
Siew Yok (one strip), RM16.
The Siew Yok certainly live up to its star status, with a thin and crispy skin and not-too-fat meat. It was really awesome and of top quality but honestly I still prefer their Char Siew. 
Claypot Tofu (small), RM11.80.
Prawn Paste Kangkung (small), RM12.80.
We also tried the Claypot Tofu which has whole loads of ingredients in it but wasn't too impressive in terms of look and taste. The real star of the night must be the Har Jiong (Prawn Paste) Kangkung which once served (in a claypot by the way) already looking so green and fresh! The unique smell of the prawn paste kept calling us to start eating the dish! It is quite a unique dish with extremely fresh vegetables and very nice fragrant in it. Deardo is a huge fan of the dish and we have since went back to have the same dish again not too long after this visit! 
Enjoying some quality Siew Yok! 
This time, with a rice and Chinese tea, we paid RM45.30 (and they never asked for the 30 cents) for the dinner and went home with a satisfied tummy! Yumzzz!!!

The Home Cooking Dishes
555, Jalan SS9A/12,
Sungai Way,
Petaling Jaya,
Tel: 016-677 3200

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