Sunday, August 24, 2014

Something out of the Norm @ Standing Theory, SS2

It's not going to be easy to locate Standing Theory, a humble cafe situated somewhere around some housing area in SS2 that is getting a lot of attention. But once you reach that area it's hard to miss the cafe cos that's like the one and only cafe-looking cafe.
Service are the casual type here with some young boys and girls serving you in singlets and shorts, plus sandals. Never mind, we weren't there to sample hotel services anyway! And they run with an extremely simple menu. Apart from a range of coffee (no latte by the way, but no explanation too for why they don't serve latte. They just DON'T), there are four dishes ONLY to choose from in the food menu. So we ordered and paid (cash only too) and waited for our food impatiently.
Very simple-looking interior.
Out of the four dishes available, we ordered three to try.
That's all you have to choose from for brunch! 
B.B.C. Waffle, RM16.
First to come was the famous B.B.C Waffle. Sweet and savoury in one dish? I really thought it would be so weird but it turned out to be fantastic! Love how crispy the bacon was (although they could improve on the handling since half the strips were very burnt) and how it just went so perfectly well with the Gula Melaka syrup. Yup, you heard it right, Gula Melaka syrup, not honey or maple syrup! And the cornflakes ice-cream added a little texture in the dish as well. Definitely a must try! 
Con Carne, RM17.
V.D. Roll, RM10.
And then the Corn Carne, which is another mix of sweet and savoury. But for this one the stew pork was nice, just really not a fan of the corn muffin or the mixture of the corn muffin and stew pork. The V.D. Roll, which is basically BBQ pork patty in a French baguette, was surprisingly delicious. Pork patty was tender and juicy while the ingredients used - pickled radish, carrot, coriander, chili padi and roasted peanuts were although very out of the norm, turned out to be quite yummy! Love every bit of it, although I'm personally not a baguette fan. 
Cappucino, RM10.
Flat White, RM10.
We had a Cappucino and a Flat White too. their coffee beans seems to smell a little more towards the sourish side but once you have a sip, it doesn't actually taste that sour. Not too bad, just not fantastic. Very good latte art skills though, I must say! :)
The difference between adventurous eater and non-adventurous eater. :p
All together we spent RM66 (no extra charges yet) for the brunch, which was not too bad. But their food comes in a smaller-than-usual portion so I reckon you will have to order three for two to share, just like what we did. I hope they start accepting credit cards too. Great place to hang-out, especially if you are looking for some interesting food to try.

Standing Theory
26, Jalan SS2.103,
47300 Petaling Jaya
Tel: 016-212 4421


Hayley said...

SS2 is quite a happening place hor?
I go there quite often whenever I go KL =)

ShiRLeXia said...

Yea it is! Nowadays can find some famous cafes there too!