Friday, August 1, 2014

Awesome Yakitori @ Sumi-Ka, SS15 Subang

I've heard about Sumi-Ka quite some time ago through a blog but I can't remember why we didn't make a trip there even though it's so near to home. Then SIL booked a table to celebrate her birthday and the fortunate me got to try the very famous Yakitori restaurant finally! 
So it is apparently so famous that you need to really book your table ahead of time and we even had a time limit of 2 hours to finish and be gone cos there were next customers who have booked the table! Wuah, this is like what I experienced in Taipei and Singapore man!
Looking at the tiny restaurant situated at second floor, it's not hard to understand why. The little restaurant is small with pretty small tables and spaces it feels almost like you are in a very homey Japanese restaurant in Japan itself. The service here are also very 'homey' (in other words 'cincai') as you see them taking orders casually and serve you the Yakitoris sometimes in a bunch and just place them on the plates that was already on your table. There were a lot of Japanese customers around us so I was already assuming the food must be good!
Anyway, here are what we ordered. Because we ordered some of the dishes recommend that are off the menu and were given a Japanese-written 'cincai' invoice, I can't be sure of all the names and prices but I'll try my best lar yea. :p
Edamame, RM5.
Some pork or beef ear/tongue in some sauce.
I am absolutely in love with the bowl of beef/pork ear/tongue/innards in probably Ponzu sauce and garlic and chili padi with lime juice. It resembles a Kerabu actually and I couldn't stop eating them!!! It was the perfect appetiser!
Beef Tongue, RM6 each.
Super tender imported beef.
Shiitake Mushrooms, RM4 each.
Mushrooms wrapped with pork.
Some Chicken.
More beef...
We ordered whole loads of meat, mostly some very quality and tender beef that were recommended by the staff. I think they are priced at at least RM10 and above. They were truly awesome I must say!
A lot of us also ate beef tongue for the first time and seriously, they were dangerously addictive!!! So tender and delicious!!! 
Squid, RM4 each.
Tubodai Fish, RM65.
Love the extremely fresh scallops too!!! Of course we shouldn't skip the very expensive Tubodai Fish! Urm, sorry I still prefer my Salmon. :p
Sweet Potato with Butter, RM8.
Baked Eggplant, RM9.
Grilled Rice Ball with Butter.
Oyako Don. 
Because these are Yakitori and we were sharing, we mostly sampled just with a bite of each items so it was good that we had some vegetables and rice dishes to fill the tummy. Most of them were okay with the outstanding one being the Grilled Rice Ball which I will definitely have it again if I ever go back to dine at the restaurant. The grilled rice has a very interesting texture and the butter provides the saltiness and a fantastic fragrant to it! Yumzzz!!!
We did repeat order for the beef tongue and scallops because they were our favourites of the night! :)
All in all, the bill came up to around RM330 plus (can't remember the exact price) which is actually quite decent for Japanese food for 6 adults. The only difference though, is that this is a Japanese meal (with quality, nonetheless) that may not fill your tummy enough. I would definitely love to go back again because I saw some items in the menu that I want to try still, but maybe one day when we decide to spend generously for these bite-size Yakitoris.

*The restaurant runs on cash term only so please be cash-loaded when you visit them!

Sumi-Ka Japanese Yakitori
1st Floor,
No. 19, Jalan SS15/4,
Subang Jaya,
Tel: 03-5632 9312/ 016-224 9312


Waco said...

The two-hours limit is not something desired especially when hanging out with friends. I assumed that Yakitori was grilled with charcoal and thus made them tastier. Thanks for sharing.

ShiRLeXia said...

Yea but that place is quite small and can be a little noisy when crowded, making it not a perfect place to stay long anyway.