Thursday, August 21, 2014

Satisfying Brunch @ The Good Batch, Damansara Uptown

By now you would have probably heard of or even been to this much talk-about cafe which on weekends you'll expect yourself to put your name in the waiting list in order to get a table.
Lea and I did so on a Saturday afternoon but to our surprise, it took them less than 20 minutes to invite us in, with a condition, of course to sit at the bar, which we have no problem at all! Hands-down to their servicing system there!
A glance at the cafe, it's pretty simply done, providing maximum space for tables and chairs for its customers which is understandable for such a busy cafe. It was a bit noisy though with so many people in the cafe but we were quite OK sitting at the bar.
So now you see how busy it can be!
I super love how they named their food dishes! Despite all being brunches, they named them according to country/cities/races which is so cute! 
The Ang Moh, RM25.90
The Mexican, RM23.90
Lea had The Ang Moh which is what we normally call The Big Breakfast. Except for the baked potato which were too hard to eat, the dish was pretty good, especially the delicious sausage and fluffy scrambled egg! Yumsss! I had The Mexican, which is has chicken fillet, avocado and scrambled eggs wrapped in Roti Paratha for a Malaysian-infused burrito Brunch! While I personally think the filling can be improved in terms of taste, the Roti Paratha gave the burrito a crispy texture which is way better than eating thick flour or wheat made burrito wrap! Creativity scores there!
Ice Latte, RM11.50.
We also had ice-latte which was very good too with a balance of coffee fragrant and amount of milk. Smooth and nice! :)
Banana Nutella Puff, RM15.90.
The King, RM11.90.
We ordered the Banana Nutella Puff by accident and it was a letdown that I thought my version of it is definitely way better. The real deal here is The King which we were supposed to order! Hahaha! The awesome banana cake has a middle filling made of Nutella and banana slices (hence I ordered the wrong item because of the same ingredients) and the cake was covered by peanut butter and pinch of roasted peanuts! Holy cow that was probably the awesome-st cake I've ever tried in my life! Ok fine, I mean for penaut butter, Nutella and banana lovers, this is pretty much the dream cake you could ever wish for!!! I did find out later that the same supplier supplies to a few other cafes in Klang Valley so you can find The King somewhere else too yo!
Selfie done without a monopod yo!
While the servers probably dressed a little too casual (sandals and shorts), I was amazingly surprised at how professional their service was. From the short waiting time outside the cafe, till the time food was served, and how they remember I have dessert to be served after meal (mind you, it was not the same server who took our orders who asked us if we want our dessert already)! Ding ding! Added points there!
Together with the 16% charges, we paid RM116.70, which is pretty decent I shall say. At least we were quite happy with most of their food and the good service! Definitely going back one day!!!

The Good Batch
No. 53, Jalan SS21/1A,
Damansara Utama,
47400 Selangor
Tel: 7733 2303

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