Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Another Letter to My Future Son

Hey baby!

Mummy and you, the bump!
Well that's what your papa loves to call you by nowadays and he is almost sure that your name would be 'Baby Wong'. What nonsense lar he! 

Mummy's loving a nice dessert or sweet drink after meal now, baby, are you sure you are our kid? We never liked sweet stuff yo! 
As we are nearing to the date of seeing you in real person, mummy and papa have been seeing the doctor on a weekly basis and I must say I'm just so proud of you baby, for staying so strong, healthy and just the right size so far. :) Mummy is the one who is having a little problem with the blood pressure but don't worry, it is still pretty much under controlled. Doctor said we might be seeing you earlier than the given due date so you know what? I'd say yay, bring it on! I will be seeing my little baby boy soon!!! ;D

Papa and Lil' Jolie playing. I still can't imagine how would it be like seeing you two playing like this... :p
One thing for sure though, is that I'm gonna miss having you in my tummy. Your somersaults, kicks and punches can sometimes be so painful but they never failed to make me laugh or smile, cos these are just signs that you are really strong and healthy, and that you are just too cute! There was this one time I went to the toilet to poo but you kept tickling me at the bottom and then I lost focus and no poop came out... LOL! I know it's disgusting but it was really funny! #truestory :p

Papa paying for some toys for you at a toys warehouse clearance! 
I always read and talk to you like a crazy woman, even your papa always laughed at me but now he is doing a lot of that too! He even sings to you you know! Ahhhhh... These precious moments are going to be something we will miss too! And I think he is getting excited too to see you!

Papa hard at work there...
Wefie with your little baby cot!
Your stuff are so mini even your papa has to agree they are too cute! :)
More stuff are done in preparations to welcome you, my royal highness! Baby cot, bed sheet, blanket, pampers, wash up your clothes, etc. Your baby cot looks lovely and papa had some wonderful time putting it up and we can't wait to see you sleeping in it soundly at the corner of our room, SOON! Got most of your stuff before GST strikes but there are just some leftover that I'm eager to get them real soon!

Mummy pampering myself to some pedicure! Yay!
Catching up with Aunty Karen here, who has self-proclaimed to be your godmother!
And me sitting kangkang (cos this is the most comfortable position already) with Aunty Maddy and Aunty Lea on another catch-up date.
In preparation for the confinement month, mummy has been spending more time out of the house recently with not only your papa, but also mummy's friends. It just feels right to be out as much as possible before being confined at home, especially when I always feel better and energised when I'm out than when I just sit at home! :)

Say hi to Mummy Shirlexia! 
Physically and mentally, mummy is feeling good, although the feeling of exhaustion, breathlessness, swelling legs and face and the insecurities on the changes to my body are still bothering me. I would still get emotional from time to time, but for now they are mostly tears of joy thinking about having you or got so touched by your papa's words. Many said I look like a surprise pregnant lady (meaning if you see me on my back you won't realise I'm pregger) and that always make my days! Haha! 

Bird Nest for the mummy and the baby! :)
It's good to stay positive during pregnancy and I'm feeling a lot of positive vibes and love coming towards me and you baby! Friends are showering me with gifts and good advice, some are already asking what to give you and me as gifts... And you know what? The other day, thanks to your Gugu, I got to eat a bowl of bird nest! Say I'm suaku I don't care, but that was probably the first bowl of bird nest I've ever had in my entire life! I remember I've probably had a scoop or two of them but never one whole bowl like that! See how lucky you are baby! :p

Just so happy that your papa gave me a hi-tea treat and we really enjoyed it! :D
Mummy throwing some basketballs at the arcade, one of the earlier activities that papa and mummy loved to do when we were just a new couple! :)
As for papa... He is recently busy with his car since he wanted to modify his car as much as possible before GST. I let him do whatever he wants because I feel like as I grow bigger and heavier, your papa's love for me and you have also grown 'bigger and heavier'. Hehe... He would help whenever I needed him to, be it just standing up or climbing up somewhere to take some stuff at home. Not only that, he has been answering to my ridiculous requests before giving birth e.g. having hi-tea at a 5-star hotel! He has been very encouraging too, assuring me everything will be alright whenever I'm worry about anything. You must remember most of the time I'm the positive one but now he just turned the table around! :)

Mummy and papa on a secret video shoot where papa surprised me by planting a kiss on me! *blush~*
What I really like about your papa is that although in many many ways he is a typical Chinese husband (and dad too, probably, you know being bossy and all), there are still many many ways that he acts like a non-Chinese guy, especially the way he deals with me, almost like I'm the whole world to him and I'm just really grateful to have found him *tear tear~*. He is a great husband and I'm pretty sure he will be a wonderful dad to you too! :)

Well, I'm not sure if this will be the last letter to you before I pop and see you in real person but regardless, I want you to know, papa and mummy can't wait to see you and we will love you like nobody's business okay! 

Till then, see you soon!

Lots of love,
Mummy Shirlexia


Karen said...

Awwwwww Made me cry ><
thats y i die die also want u both to get involve on the secret project la <3

ShiRLeXia said...

Wah 稀客! Thanks yo! It was really touching! :)

Hayley said...

Counting down, hehe, kan cheong or not?

ShiRLeXia said...

Hi Hayley! Just a little bit kan cheong cos still have some stuff haven't gao dim yet. Other than that I'm all ready to see our boy! :)