Monday, April 13, 2015

We Found Gem @ Taiping Thiam Kee, Taipan

Not that we haven't gone past this shop before, but Taiping food brought over to be sold in KL? You can't blame me for having some doubts in them, really. But finally we gave it a try on a night we wanted some light dinner (which didn't exactly end up to me that 'light') and we are so in love that we have gone back too many times after that!
Anyway, just a little introduction, Thiam Kee is indeed a real brand in Taiping,  one of the more famous stalls at Taiping Larut Matang's Hawker Centre selling nothing but Chicken Hor Fun. I heard this shop here in Taipan is operated by the children of the boss but they have of course expanded their menu to many more stuff, from Taiping's famous Teowchew Fried Kuey Teow till dishes like Nasi Lemak and Roti Bakar. It sounds like a full-fledge commercialised Kopitiam.
They even have a picture of the famous rain trees at Taiping Lake Garden!
The restaurant has a simple set-up, but great environment and very clean too.
The first time we were there, Deardo actually tried their Prawn Noodles but it wasn't anything to shout about so we shall skip that and jump to the main stuff here...
Chicken Hor Fun (Chicken Strips), RM6.
Chicken Hor Fun with Chicken Thigh, RM7.60.
Awesome Sambal Belacan that tasted exactly the same as the one you would find in Taiping!!!
The Chicken Hor Fun comes in two styles - with chicken strips or with chicken thigh. I found them equally satisfying in terms of taste. Now here's the thing, both Deardo and I really are crazy over their Hor Fun soup here because it tastes EXACTLY the same as the ones you can find in many restaurants/stalls in Taiping. That distinctive taste that you can only find in a Chicken Hor Fun in Taiping, you'll get it here in Taipan, no kidding! The taste of the soup and every single ingredients, including that Sambal Belacan that is OMG so yummy and it makes us feel so at home!!! Deardo who normally doesn't put any chili in his food actually wants that Sambal Belacan every time he goes there! Ahhhh... So yummey~!!!
Teochew Fried Kuey Teow, RM7.60.
And then we had the Teochew Fried Kuey Teow, a dish that we have not found anywhere else outside Taiping until we came to this restaurant here. Yup, if you are from Taiping, you'll know that this is a different Fried Kuey Teow - with a little more liquid, the dish's main ingredients are fish balls, fish cakes and Char Siew and that is something you don't find in Fried Kuey Teow anywhere else. We were really skeptical at first but man that dish turned up to be at least 85% the same as the ones in Taiping! Only thing that makes a difference I think would be the absence of the Char Siew since Thiam Kee here decided to go pork-free. But the flavour, the gravy and everything else tasted just perfect!
Side vegetables, RM2.
We ordered an additional cabbage to share, which was ok la not too bad, but not fantastic. At RM2, that's probably the cheapest side vegetables I've ever had in any proper restaurants anyway.
What makes two Taiping Lang so happy? A meal that literally brought them home! :)
It normally cost us less than RM25 for a meal of three dishes (yup two isn't enough for us cos we couldn't decide which one to have) with a drink and that's actually pretty affordable too! Well, you know what, we couldn't care much about the pricing anyway cos every time we finish a meal there we would be talking about it non-stop in the car, about how good the meal was, how it really reminds us of our hometown. Seriously, it just feels like we are drunk with the food there!
If you are a Taiping Lang in KL this is a place you must go and if you are not from Taiping but isn't afraid of trying out new flavours, here's my honest recommendation! Ahhhh... Damn I need to go back again for another Chicken Hor Fun fix soon!

Taiping Thiam Kee Noodle House
39G, Jalan USJ10/1,
47620 Subang Jaya,
Tel: 03-5621 9199


Hayley said...

I have to say Taiping food is always the best!

ShiRLeXia said...

Definitely Hayley! I think Taiping food are underrated...