Sunday, April 26, 2015

Embrace Your Imperfection

I was contemplating whether or not to share this because I'm actually a little paiseh to share this because I looked damn fat (those triple chins gaaaaahhhh...) and cried in the video... But then I thought since there were some real hard work from Karen, and from Deardo and myself done for this video shoot, plus a great message the video has, I think it's only fair to share. :)

So what happened was Karen told me about this project she is assisting to do. The idea isn't new at all, I've seen some other brands doing the same type of videos but the theme this time around is 'Embrace your Imperfection'. She was having problem looking for a loving couple who can speak good English to be featured in the video and of course I was all willing to help but it took some effort to persuade Deardo to do the shoot, which I think he didn't regret doing it at all at the end of the day.

Deardo did his interview a day before me without me at the shoot of course. Here are some snapshots Karen sent to me during his interview...
The Director briefing Deardo while the make-up artist put make-up on him... 
Looking cool on screen?
Definitely a first time for him! :p
He was being such a good sport okay. With make-up and all. Hehe...

Then the next day it was my turn, without Deardo around too of course.
Thank god they had make-up artist! 
Hahaha, definitely not the first time for me though! :p
So I was asked a few questions about myself and mostly the insecurities I have about myself. If you work or have worked in video production like me, you'll know the full interview was longer and then was very much edited for the final product. 

If you know me well, my biggest worries are: 1) to get back on the wheels so that I can drive my future son around safely and 2) what will happen to me, our lives and my family's lives when I decide to become a SAHM one day and these are serious problems! I was also asked what do I think are my weaknesses e.g. too straight forward, etc but those were cut out.
I personally think he looks quite 'video-genic'! 
That's the pregnant aunty crying her heart out. :S
Then they showed me Deardo's interview which you can see in the video too. But there were things that he said earlier too which didn't make it to the final cut, like he actually loves the fact that I'm straight forward and confident cos he doesn't like girls who are timid and just hide behind him. That really made me tear up already because for all you know, we know each other too well and for all you know. my husband loves me for the qualities that some may find annoying. :) Of course, he knows all the worries I have and said things like 'let's walk the journey together' and 'even if one day he isn't around my son will be with me'... (I scolded him for saying such nonsense) He was already tearing up in the video, so what do you expect from me? More tears of course!!! 
I was actually more surprised with the fact that Deardo can be so open in telling the entire world how much he loves me and how he will 'walk the journey' with me. :)
Then he made a surprise appearance (seriously I didn't know he was coming), and I was in more tears! Terrible lar this pregnancy hormone I tell you... :S

Here's the cute and touching video...

Like you can see at the end of the video, I mentioned I always know Deardo will be there for me telling me not to worry but I still worry.

And like the message that the video was trying to convey, no one is perfect and I always know that. As much as you see me being most of the time a cheerful and tough woman, there are worries and weaknesses in me that I always worry about. I'm eager though, to take on the challenges lying ahead of me. First thing on my list is of course to drive. I swear this is the first thing I want to accomplish cos there isn't any ways out of this since I need to drive my boy to school, to tuition, activities, classes or even emergencies. So wish me luck guys! :)

Both Deardo and I are very thankful of Karen who wanted us to be in this project so badly because she knows the outcome of the video will make us realise how much we love and appreciate each other and probably also convey a message to my family back home too. So XOXO Karen! :D

P/S: Nope, I'm not a Marketing Manager. They simply put so I let it slide lar. Marketing yes, Manager nope. :p


Hayley said...

Very meaningful video~

By the way, a big congrats to you and hubby ya! Rest well and enjoy your confinement!

ShiRLeXia said...

Thanks a lot!

I'm still surviving after first night with the baby at home! :)