Thursday, April 30, 2015

My Favourite Beef Rice Bowl is Back @ Yoshinoya Hanamaru, Mid Valley

I have always been a die-heart Yoshinoya fan after I first tried their rice bowl many many years ago when they first existed in KL in Mid Valley and KLCC's food court. Unfortunately they closed down so it became a must for me to go have their famous rice bowl every time I travel to Singapore or Taiwan. In Taiwan especially, they are still one of the very famous fast food-style Japanese rice bowl restaurants.
So imagine the excitement when I found out they have made a comeback to Malaysia at Mid Valley!
Deardo brought me there just days after they opened to have dinner! This time around, they are under one same roof with another Udon brand, which makes the whole place named Yoshinoya Hanamaru (Hanamaru for the Udon brand).
It looks like a mini Japanese food court, where you can order either from the Udon or the rice bowl counters (self-service) then there is also a counter for drinks where you can purchase your drinks from. I'm quite glad there seems to be quite a huge crowd = I won't see it closing down anytime soon! Yay! :D
Deardo and I went separate ways since I couldn't care much about whatever diet plan and went for the rice while he went for the Udon...
Beef & Vegetable Bowl RM11.80 + RM7.90 for a Set B.
Beef & Vegetables Bowl yaw~!
A closer look at the Chicken Karage,
Beef is Yoshinoya's signature ingredients so I went for the beef and vegetable combo. It was still the same taste that I used to know - light, hearty, nice and chewy thin beef slices. The only difference here is the vegetables which have evolved from zucchini to cabbage and broccoli. Can't really blame them, zucchini are not cheap in Malaysia. The Chicken Karage that comes with the sides are pretty good too, hot and crunchy still, although not the best Karage I've tried.
Curry Udon, RM10.
Chicken Tempura, RM4, Kakiage, RM3, Ebi Tempura, RM5.
The Curry Udon comes with springy Udon noodles with thick curry gravy with not only potato and carrot cubes, but also pieces of chicken, At RM10, that's quite a steal if compared to other existing Udon places in town. We also tried some Tempura but I think they were really quite a disappointment.
So happy to finally have Yoshinoya again! :)
Overall, I really still enjoy my Yoshinoya rice bowl a lot and will definitely go back again just for that bowl of awesome beef rice bowl! If you haven't try it, then you should!

*Prices are based on receipt before 1st April.

Yoshinoya Hanamaru 
Lot T-015b, Level 3,
Mid Valley City,
Lingkaran Syed Putra,
59200 KL

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