Monday, July 28, 2008

Another Sunday

Basically, I'm only REAL FREE on Sundays now. So sometimes I don't really mind skipping gym for that one day to hang out with friends or even family. Yup, Ah Ma is in town, planning to go see her once maybe this weekend or next.
Anywayz, this last Sunday, I didn't go to gym because my 'auntie' came visit lar. So I agreed with Karen to go hang out at Sunway Pyramid. We had lunch at Ajisen Ramen, which is to me, one of the best Ramen restaurants I've ever been to. They have a variety of flavours and the price is reasonable, at least cheaper than Ichiban Ramen! And most importantly, the Ramen is so erm... Crispy? It feels more like Speghetti, really nice lor! Okay, two things I don't like about Ajisen are, the real bad foodcourt smell and the music they play. Anywayz, the foodcourt smell does not happen all the time, only when they are really busy! And the music... Bloody Chinese songs in a Japanese restaurant? I don't like that!!!
My Fish Ramen, really nice ler!
Karen's Tom Yam Ramen! And obviously, she took the picture...
Karen trying to make sure she is not losing her trademark pose! Wakakaka...
And I'm not losing my trademark, taking picture with my foood! :p
After lunch, we browse around for sourvenier shops as Karen was(still) looking for nice stuffs for his brother's wedding. I got so excited when I saw these mushroomssssss!!!!!!I bought one of them, which I will show you in future post. Stay tune!
And then of course, we can't resist to go to Yokomon for another yummy ice-cream too! Karen had the black sesame while I had the dark chocolate!!! Pat, the dark chocolate is really NICE! You better go try it!
We love YOKOMON! To te mo o yi shi i yo!
Of course, there were the NTV 7 10th Anniverisary thingy going on at the new wing. Karen had told me earlier that she was bringing her cousins who are fans of Leslie to the event, but it didn't work lar in the end. Still we went to say hi to Leslie哥哥!
可立“哥哥”变黑了,真的晒太阳灯晒到黑了!我还以为他没化妆呢!是说,本人看过Final Destination后就一直觉得晒太阳灯真的很可怕!== Anywayz,这次能够和Leslie聊天很开心啦,怎么说,我还是觉得你很瘦,没必要减肥!连Karen也说觉得你比上次瘦了很多!你看看照片里我的包包脸和你的尖尖脸,你是不是比我瘦很多?重点!Leslie说我瘦了!还是脸瘦了!我很开心!!!真的!虽然照片看起来还是很胖,不过有人“安慰”一下也是好事!哈哈!:p
P/S:那个颁奖礼之后都没有什么访问的?我突然想叫你当一下我的Project S的嘉宾!
By the way, do you like the pink top I was wearing? Nice, right? I really like it! It's another stuffs I bought from Yue Bao through her wesbite. Yup, I think I'm having an 'Image Revolution'! Hahahaha...
P/S: Messages for Daniel and message from Daniel (???)
These are the notices informing us about the increment of our rental recently.
It has got violated!
I admit! I wrote the FUCK YOU, but the rest really aren't my work!
I am not sure who wrote this one though... I just saw it yesterday after Daniel came in the morning and when I got home the newspapers were all outside. So I'm guessing it's a message from him... But if I'm not mistaken, he doesn't have bad English... Hmmm... So I'm not really sure... Oh wait, even the Chinese has problem!
Hmmm... Weird.
Anyone who can understand what does the message means, please leave me a message! Anyone?

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