Sunday, July 20, 2008

A weekend at the Japanese Film Festival, etc...

Hai, kai e ri masu!
Yup, just came home from another Japanese movie, the second and last one I watched on the Japanese Film Festival this year. No, definitely not very happy about that, because I wanted to watch Tony Takitani, Fourteen and The Girl Who Leapt Through Time too but well... Timing not ngam lor... :(
Anywayz, here are the movies I've watched...
Tokyo Tower-Mom & Me, and Sometimes Dad
I almost cried only when watching the trailer, imagine! I was crying like a baby in the cinema!!! It is a... Not to say a sad story you know, it's just really touching. As you can see in the movie title, it's not a love movie, but more to a family movie. It's about an ordinary Japanese guy's relationship with his mother, who is a cheerful and funny mother, who in the end died of cancer. Seriously touching movie that I would recommend you all to watch, especially to the youngster.
Wow, it just made me think of the days I left my parents behind and came to KL for my studies, and the days I had to leave them again for Perth. And the movie definitely made me feel really sad thinking about the day they will be leaving me forever...
Before that, Pa, Mi, I LOVE YOU! MUAKSSSS...

Ten Dark Women
Well, I really don't know how to say this... The story is about 10 women plotting to kill the guy they are dating, and it's a 1961 black and white movie that made me so interested in watching it. I must say it's quite a weird movie, I especially think the ending is like.... What the??? But I somehow feel quite alright to get to watch such an old Japanese film! The main actor and some of the actresses are damn good looking ler!
Yve Vonn, what movies have you watched? Don't forget to update your blog about that!
So that was how I basically spent my weekends, and erm... Unfortunately spent quite a lot on the meals outside, plus the shoppings... Phew~How come I just can't save money properly? Haih... Someone please stop me from spending, someone please control me!!!
Anywayz, here's the ice-cream I want to tell you about. The shop/stall is called Yokomon, of course Japanese ice-cream lor. I don't really know where else you can find it, but I've tried it at the 'La La Land'(sixth floor) at Sunway Pyramid. They have six flavours-green tea, dark chocolate, red bean, rum raisin, black sesame and strawberry. I of course tried the black sesame first and it was sooooo yummy! It tastes 'soooo black sesame', feels like a little bitter, but just a little bit! The thing is, the process of them doing the ice-cream for you is so interesting and that actually means the ice-cream is freshly made in front of you! I'm gonna try the other flavours too! Okay, that's about it. See you next time!


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I'm definitely going to have that! :p

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Interesting post!