Friday, July 4, 2008

How's my new job?

"How's your new job?"
That's the question that I got a lot the past few days.
"It's a bit boring, but I don't know..."
That will be the answer I will be giving to people.
Seriously, it is a different kind of work all together compared to newspaper reporting or TV production, the two fields that I've been in. I'm still feeling very uncomfortable sitting in the office from 9-5.30 everyday. I honestly think this part of it is fucking boring. I took journalism as a student because I don't like to sit in the office, and ironically I ended with a job like that!
Well, but let's not make the judgment too early yet. Since the company is new, website is not completed yet, we have to start everything from ZERO, I'm hoping things will be different later.
Workload will be more than what I had when I was a journalist, but at least I'm always assigned to do something instead of searching for stories myself. Plus, later on, I expect us to be doing more stuffs that are not what we are doing now. And and... Most importantly, FINGER CROSS that those overseas work trips will really come true!

By the way, I noticed I haven't been uploading photos of myself in my blog, or rather, I've not been taking pictures of myself lately. So I asked Ducum to take some for me with her mobile.
This is how I look like after work...

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