Friday, July 11, 2008

Run Fat Boy Run

I know I know... You must be thinking why am I so free that I have new posts since the past 2 days? I guess yea, because I finished work at 5.30pm now, if not for the gym session, I would just go home straight, thus having so much time to crap on my blog.
Anywayz, today is a bit different lar, I'm sitting here in the office after lunch, having finished what I was supposed to be doing for the entire day. So I decided to post a film review of Run Fat Boy Run, which I've watched on Wednesday.
Well, the 'boy' is not really 'fat' lar, it's just that he has a beer belly! The movie is made of a simple story but it's funny and at least to me, romantic. Plus, there is an education side too! Telling you not to do things half way... Simon Pegg is great! I haven't watch Hot Fuzz yet, but Ducum just fell in love with him after watching that. And I definitely understand why now. It's real fun, an enjoyable movie that I enjoyed. And well done David Schwimmer!
Next up, I'll be dying to watch some Japanese movies at the GSC Japanese Film Festival happening in KL starting next Thursday! It's time to pick up my 'Japanese root' again! Yoo~hoo~!

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