Saturday, July 26, 2008

No Thanks to DANIEL TANG CHENG KET, I'm now typing this at the cyber cafe!!!
I've told him about the internet connection at home about 2 weeks ago, but he kept quiet until I asked my housemate to sms him. He came and of course could not fix it without TM Net's help.
Now he told me he is back in his hometown (again, in probably two week time). I have not idea when will I be getting the internet connection again, seriously don't know!
For a service like this, he is asking for RM 500 for the rental seriously TOO MUCH!
If you are looking for a house around Sunway area, be aware of the name of DANIEL TANG CHENG KET!!!! DO NOT RENT ROOM WITH HIM! HIS MANAGEMENT SUCKS BIG TIME!!!
So anywayz, can't do any update here at the cyber cafe, it's already RM 5.00 now, better ciao before I have to pay even more!

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