Friday, December 26, 2008

Last few events of 2008!

Ho~Ho~Ho~Merry 'BELATED' Christmas!!!Christmas deco at The Gardens...
Sorry, I know I'm very out-dated, so many stuff (see Uncle Yip, I remember! There is never 's' after 'stuff) to blog about and I had to keep them until now to post it up. I've been freaking busy and the internet connection at home has not been stable mah...Ducum Tan was slow designing my name card, print my card and pick up my card, but she has whole lot of time to do this... WTF???
Okay, if CNY is always the celebration to have a reunion of friends and family, Christmas this year must be extra special because I had great friends reunion!!!
Some of you might know, Power is in town until the 28th. For your info, Power is a Chinese (as in China's Chinese) who is now a PR in Australia and was one of my colleagues at Penang Food Restaurant, where I worked part-time in Perth. And yes, his name is 'Power', that's not the weirdest name I've heard of. I've got a friend from Hong Kong who calls himself 'No', yes, its N-O, No!
Anywayz, as Power came, we decided to have a reunion of all the ex-staff at Penang Food. But what supposed to be a reunion of about 8-9 persons became only a five-person reunion. Sigh... Those people who FFK, you guys really... Aih...
We had our reunion dinner at Madam Kwan at Pavilion. Although it is not a new restaurant, that was the first time I've stepped into the restaurant. Some of their food are quite nice, but some are just so-so. And I honestly think some of the prices are a bit too expensive. My favourite dish of the night was actually the dessert I had, the Fried Banana with Syrup and Ice-cream. The bananas was still hot and you eat it with the syrup and the cold ice-cream... Oh my god, it's so freaking GOOD! ...Although it is freaking fattening!!! Grrrrrhhhhh... All yummy food has to be unhealthy!!! Sheryn and Pat ordered the Bubur Cha-cha, I didn't try it cos I never liked Bubur Cha-Cha.
Yit Chuan's Sago dessert looks quite nice.
That's the yummy yet fattening dessert I'm talking about!!!
The mix vegetables, which is a very common dish everywhere.
The fried Kuey Teow wasn't that impressive.
Ooohhh! The curry chicken was actually quite nice, although I would like the chicken to be smaller pieces.
Nasi Bonjori, not Bon Jovi... I like the rendang beef a lot!!!Okay, the otak-otak was not very bad, but RM17.60 for one piece is...
Sambal Sotong was also not too bad, minus the fact that there were simply way too much of onions in it.
Yummy~ Shirlexia with the dessert she likes!
Power hasn't change much, so do the rest. Although it was a short reunion, it was meaningful enough because hey, we haven't seen Power for so so long! Come to think of it, I came back in mid 2006, its been more than 2 years now! Phew~ Now you see why people keep saying time flies~! Oh by the way, we also realized we are so not used to Power's Chinese accent... We couldn't really understand him even though he was speaking in Mandarin! ==||| Here's Yit Chuan (who was the photographer of the day, minus the food photo) and Pat.
From left: Sheryn, me and Power, who was forced to smile and he looks so weird with that smile...Nice picture of the five of us!!! :)Strangers on the street sometimes disappoint you with their photography skills...
Anywayz, I hope Power enjoy his trip here in Malaysia! :)
As I've said earlier, Christmas this year was also the first ever Christmas that I had to prepare so many Christmas gifts. Of course, as return, I got more than what I've expected too. Karen actually gave me a polka dots dress! Oh well, she said I'm gonna scream seeing the present, I didn't! :p Although it doesn't look very much my style, but she actually chose to buy for me when she actually wanted to buy for herself too but that was the last piece! So I'm going to keep it and wear it. In fact, I just bought a belt two days ago to wear with the dress!
Cute polka dots dress I got from Karen! Thanks to my 'hao jie mei'! :)
My boss gave me an X'mas gift that I really like! It's a wrist rester that you can use it when you're clicking with your mouse! God that thing is cute! See... I told you it's so bloody cute!
And I'm feeling really bad that I only gave them chocolate...

And on the 23rd, I went to the BBQ party at my teacher's (yes, the 8TV news reader) house. Like I said, there would be some random people that I don't know, so I wasn't really keen. But I went anywayz, since that's like the only real Christmas party I got invited to this year. BBQ wasn't really good because of the lack of preparation. But the gifts exchange part was pretty fun. Honestly, seriously, my gift was the 'climax' of the night, okay??? See, I still have a bit of creativity! Hehehe... Everybody was fighting each other to take a picture of the gift! I told ya, it's creative yet useful! :pThe present that made everybody went high that night! Kakakakaka...
When we were on the way to the party, Wei Wei and us were talking about the gifts we bought for the party. We both agreed we bought really useful things because we know we wouldn't like those little small dolls or photo frames that does nothing but take up all your room on your table or in your room!
Unfortunately, a photo frame was what I've got...Everybody with the present they got!
Alright, next up would be another gathering this Saturday, Leslie's fans gathering...

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