Wednesday, December 31, 2008

HAPPY 2009!!!

I got really panic whenever I need to write like a review of the year nowadays (I don't know why I always have to do the review, do you even care?). It's so hard!!! I think I did really well with things like that when I was still studying and when I had lots of dreams that I wanted to achieve. I guess sometimes it is normal when you grow older... Sigh...
Anywayz, I've decided to do a simple one for myself, listing stuff I've done that I think was interesting and could remember. So whether you are interested or not with my entire life in 2008, keep reading lar, don't be so bad... Pleasssssseeeee...

2008 was GREAT b'cos...

1. I finally started freelancing as an emcee/mobile DJ and am DEFINITELY enjoying it! Yay!Hopefully more jobs coming in lar, so that I can earn more mah! :p
2. I quit my dream job which once made me so depressed, and I'm SO MUCH MORE HAPPIER NOW!!! :)
3. I went back to Perth (for holiday)!!! And I still want to go back so badly!!! :(Bikinis, sunnies, beaches, bitch!
4. I got a normal working hours job which is quite boring and not my style, but that=I spent more time hanging out with friends!Just some of my friends...
5. I (think) I became more fashionable!
6. I (think) I became slimmer... I mean that's what people say lar...So how? Slimmer or not? Fashionable or not?
7. I went to the Sepang F1 circuit for the first time in my life!
8. I watched loads of movies (whether they are bad or good is another question lar)!
9. I went to Malacca, Penang, Johor all for free!
10. I went to gym more often! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!
11. I fell in love with Zumba! I love Zumba!!!
Sorry, it's not possible for me to take a picture of me doing Zumba...

Of course, like the saying "every high has their low"... Is that how you say it? Urrmmm... Never mind, I say it like that.

2008 was BAD b'cos...
1. Although I really don't want to give a shit about it, but the truth is I could never win people's heart, especially in the family because I'm always the straight forward one, the complaining non-stop one, and I don't have a sweet mouth. Uuuurrgggghhh... BLOODY HELL I HATE THIS!
2. I'm sure I've eaten too much... Bad for you, Shirlexia!
3. I spent too much... Honestly, with the Singapore trip and CNY coming, I'm going so so broke I can cry! ;(
4. I still have the bloody landlord who treats me better now but never keep his promises. His name is Daniel Tang.
5. I still have housemate who doesn't know rubbish should be thrown outside the house, takeaways packets after eating should be thrown in the rubbish bin in stead of anywhere else in the house, housemates who doesn't flush the toilet after use and left shit there and accused me and I Rene doing that (FUCK YOU), housemates who is double-dating, housemate who smoke inside the house, a guy housemate who would suddenly became the tenor when he saw cockroaches, and the list goes on and on and on...
6. I'm actually doing a job that I don't enjoy but I'm staying with it because of the MONEY and the NORMAL LIFE I'm enjoying... What? I do think this is bad lar!
7. I cannot figure out a good way to get out of KL! I'm still thinking of working in other countries!!!
8. I'm losing patience with my company which had promised me to send me out for overseas working trips but nothing ever happened yet!
9. I did not manage to go watch the Olympic live in Beijing! :(
10. I haven't got back on the wheels! :(

Overall, 2008 was actually a good year for me. It was actually my happiest year since returning from Perth! Although it might be impossible for me to get back to Australia or move to any other places so soon, it makes me have more hopes of having another good year in 2009!
So here's a list of stuff I want to do (I think 'do' is more appropriate because 'achieve' sounds bloody serious like if I didn't 'achieve' them it would be so sad)...
1. Go to Taiwan, and this was in my 2008 to-do-list! Bonus would be meeting Xiao Ma and his fans that I've known for so long (this would be tough looking at my tight budget... Haih.... CNY I don't give out ang pow can ah?).Taiwan, here I come~Here I come~!!!
2. Go to the Madame Tussauds wax museum in Hong Kong.I will go and push Victoria bitcham away and take a photo with David!
3. Get down to 50kg. I am currently 55kg.
5. Save LOTS OF MONEY.Oooooooo... Before everything, get me the damn cool $-sign glasses!
6. Sponsor a child.
7. Re-study my Japanese language, if I have the money.
8. Get back on the wheels? Maybe?





I know... Some of you will go, hey in 2009 you should get a boyfriend lar!
Honestly, the reasons for me being (still) single are: 1)I don't really trust guys, look at my housemate! 2)I don't know, I think I don't know how to deal with a boyfriend... 3)Haven't been crazy about anyone in 2008, or even 2007, except for Xiao Ma. 4)Of course, I haven't also seen anyone crazy about me too! :p
Ok lar, not like I want a boyfriend, then I'll get one, right? Give me some time, give those cute and rich guys out there some time... Sometimes they are shy, sometimes they are too thin-face you see...

Okay, now I sound really desperate...
Nah... Really, I can't wait to announce to you guys in my blog when I have a him one day. But yeah, the one day will have to wait lar, yea, sabar je lar!
Okay, that's about it! I'm thinking of a special review on my landlord and housemates later. Ducum, I Rene and I will be working on it and it will come as soon as we're done with all the stuff.
So for now...
HAPPY 2009!!!