Friday, December 12, 2008

One about my previous job...

So yesterday was a public holiday. I've decided I should stay home to do the laundry and keep an eye on the clothes just in case if it rain... Gosh, I hate rainy days!!! When is the rain going to stop??? Aaaarrrhhh... Everyday also rain, rain, rain... It's so freaking annoying!!!
The other thing I've decided to do is to tidy up the whole bunch of old newspapers I've collected. Erm... Those are the bunch of newspaper with the news stories I've wrote back when I was a sport reporter lar. I will have to arrage them according to the date and cut and paste them all into the sketch book. Hard work you know, spent half the day doing that.
So far... Two sketch books. Maybe I should start writing to newspapers or magazines again soon?
Some of the articles I've collected with the byline-Shirlexia Tan.
What I actually noticed was I really didn't have as many news article published as I thought, although I have to admit I did not keep every single of them. I really love some of them, especially those that got a thank you message from the person I wrote about, although in a way they might just been using me to deliver some message to some people. And I was always excited to write about my school-time idols, like Yeoh Ken Nee because some of them has retired even before I started working... Some were really bad that I will never felt proud of them at all. Of course there were some which I'm not really proud of but my boss would be happy with... All that kinda stuff.
After all... I've picked my favourite one...It's a review of the Cobra Rugby Tournament that I've covered in 2007. I think the reason being, that was the one and only article I've written that got praise by my super senior in the office. He actually sms-ed me early in the morning to tell me it was great and that is the way I'm supposed to write. And the Cobra event was also one of the best tournamets that I've enjoyed covering. We got free flow of beer during the tournament, got to see some really cute and muscular rugby players from different countries (although some of them look seriously scary), and the dinner on the final day was awesome! Love it! And getting to interview the Cobra president, Krishnan Tan made me really nervous. Okay, it's not that I have a crush on him, it's just that he is one of the richest men and some really famous guy in Malaysia. So yeah, that was the one I'm quite proud of.
The one that Shirlexia loves...
I also found my one final article published before leaving the company quite good. Somewhere in April... The two articles on hockey, it was on the second page from the back! So not too bad lar to leave with such good stories.
The one that Shirlexia left with...
One very big tournament that I've missed was the exhibition tennis match between world number 1 Roger Federer and former world number 1 Pete Sampras end of last year. I was so damn excited to be covering the tournament. I saw many envy eyes on me that time! I've even had the media pass done for myself to cover the event and meet with the stars!!! And in the end I had to give up the chance just because of the stupid mozzies!!! Got dengue and was stuck in the Kangar Hospital! Aaaaaarrrrhhhh... Will never forgive the mozzies!!!
It's always very difficult for me to tell you how hard it was to work as a sport reporter there and how hard it was to give the job up. The moment I took up journalism, I've told myself I'm only going to be a sport reporter. I have no interest in politics, current affairs of whatsoever, while entertainment means it will be a waste. Sports news was my passion! But being in the field, facing not only external, but internal challenges to write good stories, was killing me. The 'good' stories to my bosses are those bad stuff on the Malaysian sports, the sports association or the athletes themselves. I not only didn't know how to write stories like that, I actually also did not want to do so... I'm abviously too emo to be a sport reporter there. Getting harsh comments from my boss was also another thing, but I believe all that have made me a tougher person. From a new girl in the field, I've cried because of his comments, but in the end of the day I was actually fine with whatever shit comments I've got. And after all, I've learnt so so much from the job that I've stuck with about 1 year plus (still couldn't believe I've stayed for so long!).
To many people, especially my relatives(those aunties and uncles), giving up such job was stupid. It's a glamorous job because you can see my name on the paper almost everyday! And honestly the allowances and stuff were pretty good. But well... It's just not my kinda job...
Of course, needless to say, the ones that I missed the most are my ex-colleagues. At the sport desk, the guys don't call guys as 'guys' or 'men', they call them 'fuckers' or 'bugger'. Actually, it's quite 'raw' to call them 'fuckers', I guess. Every single minutes the guys would be swearing, especially Mr Maurice... I actually quite enjoyed it but I don't get that now in my office! Hehehe... Hmmm... Well I'm not actually missing those reporters ex-colleagues though. Some thought I'm stupid or useless, some thought I would snatch away their stories... So I didn't really mix with them. I actually made more friends with the reporters from other newspapers than those in the same company. The ones whom I mixed around the most were the sub-editors. Well, being the only girl in the sport desk, I got all their teasing and all their cares at the same time! Uncle Yip, whom I still meet-up once in a while. He always bring me to good food and made me FAT... Wai Kong, who always have never ending stories to tell, Mr. Collin whom I missed so so much. He is so cute lar, imagine a man with lots of grey hair talking about American Idols everyday after the show the previous night! And Siva, who would always send me Christianity SMS... Mohan, Neil, etc... Okay, we've promised to go out for a meal one day but it never happened. Where's the Wanton Mee session (still trying to figure out why Indians love Wanton Mee so much...)??? Hopefully one day lar... I really missed you guys! And I'm also missing my translation money, Uncle Yip!!! :p
On the left, Wai Kong still trying to tell me stories... Uncle Yip at the other side. I looked like I was having a cramp on my face, didn't I?
My ex-boss, Mr V is a nice guy... I will never forget how touched was I when I was in the hospital in Kangar. He took care of everything for me and actually told me not to worry about work, and then let me rest for 2 weeks! He is such a sweet guy... Whenever he wants to be...
He was an ex-national takwando exponent lar, what can you expect? An eye contact with him would scare you away! I can see some of my guy ex-colleagues freaking out talking to him, apa lagi me? Many time he had made me cry with his very harsh and mean comments, but it's just him being very straight forward lar. He talks to everybody like that, including his 'best friend'. You gotta listen to him talking to his kids on the phone, so the lemah-lembut man! Anywayz, I'm here to thank Mr V. I wonder if he sees the message I've left in his blog during the Olympic Games???
Look... The reason for me to cover up Mr. V's nose and and mouth isn't because I hate him, I'm just trying to prove to you that he has a pair of fierce eyes!!!
Hmmm... it's just all of a sudden, I wanted to write something about my previous job which I've loved and hated at the same time...

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