Saturday, January 31, 2009

CNY '09 (III) The Other F&F

Okay guys, I'm going back to hell(=KL) tomorrow after the very short CNY break!
This CNY was quite boring because less visitors came to our house=lesser angpow packets... :( Of course we are all very excited this year that 4e was giving out angpow for the first time! :) But of course the gatherings and reunion were all really fun!
Ohya, one thing that must be mentioned is... Many people said I look slimmer!!! And many of them, including like my aunt, uncle and friends said my new hairstyle looks really nice on me!!! Yve Vonn, pass my thanks to your mum please! So the happy lar~!!! Hahahaha... :p
Anywayz, here's a post before I go back to a house without a good internet connection, on the other F & F during this Chinese New Year.

Third "F": Fashion.
Okay, face it, every CNY is like a fashion show! Ok, at least to me lar! Although nowadays I don't fancy looking for CNY clothes anymore because I simply have too many clothes in my closet to wear, I still went in search for some pink colour items before CNY this year!
But well, I only managed to showcase 4 pieces of clothes this time because yea, nobody will see you anymore on the fifth day... :(
Chu Yi: A little bit of the 60's fashion, I reckon.Gosh I look so slim in this picture! Ooooh yeah!!! :p
Pink colour dress from DressUp Girls at RM89 (I got 10% off as a member), pink headband from Forever 21 at RM 19.90, necklace from Niu Ze Sui at RM10, belt from one of the shops at La-La Land, Sunway Pyramid at RM23.90, heels from Vincci at RM75.90.
*This dress got a thumb-up from Ah Ku!Very happy with the cheap bargain from Springfield! :)
Very cute and fashionable handbag from Springfield at RM54.80.
I'm kinda crazy over bags at Springfield! They are all sooooooooo bloody hell CUTE!!!
Chu Er: The dress that I love the most! :)
I really heart this picture lar, don't you think it's nice?
Dress from Forever 21 at RM109, necklace from Forever 21 (forgot the price liao), shoes from MOD (also can't remember the price).
The stomachache-pose...
I fell in love with the dress once I saw it at the boutique!!! I especially love the detail at the upper waist-line! And for a dress from Forever 21, the price is pretty good! It's also why I've taken so many pictures with the dress on!
Chu Er (2): Simple yet stylish.
Ducum said I look like I'm waiting for a guy to come sit next to me...
Green top from Dorothy Perkins, price at around RM120.
It's a very expensive top, or at least to me. I've targeted the top for a while, but only when they have sales I finally grabbed it home, although it is still quite expensive. No choice, I really like it!!!
Chu San: Casual pink lady!
I know it's too dark you can't see the details, go chek it out at DressUp Girls website, although it is already SOLD OUT! :p
Pink top from DressUp Girls at RM69 (10% off).
You gotta check out the details, it's really nice! :)
Chu Si: Classy and short :SSee, that's why Ducum put those words on...
Green and yellow dress from one of the designer shops at La-La Land Sungai Wang, totally forgot about the price! White trendy wrist band from La-La Land, Sunway Pyramid at RM19.90 or was it RM9.90?
I've bought this one long long time ago. I really love the design! Just that it's a bit short lor...
*This dress got a thumb-up from 2e!

Fourth "F": Food.
Oh, I mean, FOOD!!!
The 'CNY Food Festival' started even before I went home for the CNY!
I had a pre-CNY dinner with the people in the company at Pangkor Curry Fish Head, again.
Quite yummy lar, just that the portion was a bit too small that night...
And as I got home, I made my mum cooked.
I was craving for Kua Chai Muey, the Kua Chai Porridge since watching one of the BBT's episodes. So this is what I got on the next day upon arriving in Taiping...
Was that a correct sentence???
Oh~I really missed this one so so much~!
My mum is really a good cook, trust me... Just that she doesn't want to show it off! You want proof?
Here I got this already very yummy-looking steam prawn with eggs and wine made by my mummy! Yummy~~~!!!
This one is like a must to have in my house!!!
Chu Xi (New Year Eve) Dinner
This year, we got 乳猪(roasted baby pig)!!!
Really yummy stuff man!!!
Ah yeah, didn't I say my blog isn't Halal?
Sorry baby pig, I'm gonna eat you up!!! :p
The CNY reunion dinner menu!!!
Chu Yi's Food
I always have this mi sua with red wine soup as breakfast on Chu Yi morning, made by who else if not my mum! She does that every year since I don't know when. I always love the red wine soup, so I always enjoy it, because it seems I can only have it once a year now! Sigh...
Great meal for a great start of a new year! :)
And at night, 3e came with her new cake at Secret Recipe, Hazelnut Cheese.
Not too bad lar, it doesn't taste so much like cheese, it tasted more like coffee.
My Ah Ma with the cake which has 'Gong Xi Fa Cai' written on it, cool leh?
Chu Er's Food
Well, the very mini punya steamboat session at KK's house!
Okay, now everybody is talking about the guy at the steamboat restaurant!!!
KK, XT wants me to clarify for her that she aren't crazy about him! It's ME who is crazy about him at the moment!!!
No lar, I just think he is cute, not CRAZY! LOL!!!
Our little steamboat gathering at KK's.Our cheap champagne from YY's hamper with the very expensive cherry. :p

I think I enjoyed food more after the CNY. Or shall I say after some or all our relatives went back.
I love the simple meal with us the little family enjoying them!
The other day, mi cooked me some chicken porridge without me asking her to do so! So sweet lar!
The porridge that I stopped cooking myself after returning from Perth.
And Ah Ma's cooking is still as good as always!
After everyone is gone, we can enjoyed her cooking even more!
Crab meat, pork, carrot and whole lot of stuff, all stuffed in the crab shell. We get this yummy dish every CNY!
The simpliest dish, but my favourite vege with golden needle mushroom! :)
Steam fish... Always the best lar! Although er... I cannot ever remember the name of the fish...
I always wait impatiently for the 菜脚after every big festival! I just love it!!!
My mum is a good cook!
Oh, sorry that was the second time I said it?
She always make very nice food one, I swear! Today I asked her to make me one of her best stuff, and one of the Tan's sisters favourite food of all... The Mummy's Special Salad.
With potatoes, carrots, green peas, egg, ham and some mayonise, here comes the super yummy salad!!!
And we also had Lo Sang for dinner.
We went and buy this Yu Sang set from Sushi King, and accidently found out their Yu Sang set has to be the best ever Yu Sang set I've ever seen or eaten!
First of all, the stuff in it aren't any coloured noodles or fake stuff. They are all fresh vegetables and fried eggs strips! And they not only have salmon in it, but also scallops, ebi, jellyfish, crabstick, crab meat, etc! You will never get all these in those normal Yu Sang set!
I think best of all, it is only RM38.88! That is such a cheap price for the stuff you get in the set!!!
So honestly guys, if you are considering a Lo Sang session soon, please do go for Sushi King!!! I think the promotion ends only on the 12th or 13th of February!
Shirlexia's recommends: Yu Sang set from Sushi King.
And Haha, I finally gave a treat to my mum at Starbucks, her first cup of Starbucks coffee... Ok, ok, she only shared Ah Ma's coffee and my Mocha... But she asked for it lar! Not that I didn't want to buy another cup of coffee for her!
Ah Ma and mummy at Starbucks! Finally!
I really enjoyed the little CNY break this time around. So many praises on my new hairstyles made me so happy! And so many people said I look slimmer made me even happier! :p I also think I controlled myself quite well this time around in terms of the amount of food I ate, although most of them weren't healthy food. Another :p
Okay lar, I hope you enjoy this post of me sharing my sense of fashion and food! I hope they didn't make you yawn...

*DressUp Girls:
*Pangkor Curry Fish Head Restaurant:


LayJinG said...

Oh, really love ur blog! haha... the stomachache pose sexy! And i like that green yellow dress!
Hehe... I like red wine mi sua also! U can cook it anytime lar! Just bring the redwine back to KL!
Longtime didnt eat crab meat, so envy with u!

diaLoG wiTh tH3 c@t said...

my mum oso cook mee sua on chu yi, but not the red wine one.
u hv so much of nice food *salivating*

ShiRLeXia said...

Lay Jing,
Thanks for loving my blog! :p
I'mg glad u enjoy reading it! :)
Yea hor, red wine mee sua can cook myself de... Why never thought of that???

So much of food isn't really a good idea u know... I'm worry I've put on lots of weight!!! :(

Unknown said...

Your blog just..."colorful"!i mean besides the wording, from fashion to food as well..woo.. non-stop of excitement! Luckily don't have heart attack

ShiRLeXia said...

Hey Li Jing,
Well, I'm just writing all about my interest! And fashion and food are just two of them! :)

rainbow mushroom said...

babe, i must say u really look good in this hair style :) and, on behalf of my mum, u're welcome~

ShiRLeXia said...

Hehehe, thanks again YV!
You really must thank ur mum for me ler! Never really in my life that my uncle actually said I look so much 'better'! I'm serious!