Sunday, May 3, 2009

Shirlexia, the food lover, food review writer and cook!

Ok guys, first of all, if you are staying or working in Damansara or Kepong, you might get a free copy of The Focus, a newly published dining guide. Hey, hey, I'm the writer cum editor for the little magazine! So do support the magazine and you are welcome to give me some comments too! The restaurants actually paid to be advertised lar, but I still have to write them in a way that would attracts the reader too! I think my first time is just so-so, I will do better for the next issue in August! :)
Of course, a special thanks to Yee Chuan who gave me the chance to do something I really love! :)The Focus is here! Check it out!
So now I'm not only a food lover, I'm also a food review writer, unofficially and officially. Plus, I'm also a cook, unprofessionally! Hehe...
After a long long break, I returned to the kitchen and cooked a proper meal tonight for Ducum, Sok and I Rene. It's Wui Fan or Mui Fan (燴饭). It's like the Cantonese Fried, Wat Dan Ho, just that this is serve with rice... Basically because I'm lazy to fry the noodles lar! :p
What you need?
Basically, oil, salt, corn flour, chopped garlic, chicken thigh cut into pieces (marinated with soya sauce and pepper beforehand, add in some corn flour to make the chicken tender), fresh prawns, vegetables-choy sum, two eggs, beaten.
This time around I added some sotong balls, button mushrooms and brocoli, just because I had to clear them off from the pantry and fridge.Ta da~ The very simple ingredients!
Oh, of course, cook some rice lar!
Start cooking the gravy by heating up the oil, fry the garlic, then the chicken, prawns, mushrooms, sotong balls and brocoli until they are all cooked. Add in water as much as you think it's enough. Let it boil. As it boil, add in the choy sum and salt to taste, stir. Wow~ Seriously looking very yummy already...
Next two steps are very important. Stir the corn flour with some water (note: it has to be cold tap water, otherwise it won't work) and pour slowly onto the wok. As you pour, stir. Make sure you stir as soon as you pour the corn flour in, otherwise it will results to some cubes of corn flour in your dish! Do this until the gravy is thicken. Finally, add in the beat eggs and stir! And you're done!
With the corn flour and eggs in, you can be ready to eat now!
To serve, put some rice on your plate, then pour the gravy over the rice! You can do the same with some fried Kuey Tiao, Yee Mee or any noodles you like. We had the healthy five-coloured rice lar! :)
And a look at the very important gravy.
And now you are all ready to have the Hui Fan a.k.a Mui Fan! Itata kimasu!
Yum~ yum~! I used to cook this a lot in Perth, and my housemates from different countries love it! I learnt this from my mum back home, so credit should goes to my lovely mum! :)
And that's us enjoying our dinner under the super duper hot weather! Sweat~Sweat~Sweat~!
To all my friends out there! Please make sure you stay healthy! Drink more water, herbal tea or vitamins. Stay away from the Swine Flu!!! Take good care of yourself! We are going out to get some Chinese Herbal Tea now, see ya~!


viviantan-yan said...

wao,your Mui Fan really look yummy, hopefully can taste it later!!

ShiRLeXia said...

Aiya, mummy is at home, u can ask her to cook for u lar!

Lay JinG said... review writer! haha... where can get focus?

ShiRLeXia said...

Hey Lay Jing,
You can only get it in Kepong or Damansara!

Lay JinG said...

aiyo, then u can put ur review online? or copyright issue?

ShiRLeXia said...

Lay Jing,
They have a website at but I just went there, it's still not done yet.

Blings · Sze Yin said...

I wish to get a copy of Focus too!!!!!!
I LOVE FOOD!!!!!!!!!
Wow, u are the did u actually try the food?? for free??!
so jealous!!!!

So do recommend me some great places to dine in.
btw, u try korean food before?
im so into it these days. yummmmmmy!

lastly, i just moved my blog from sohu to blogspot..

ShiRLeXia said...

Sze Yin...
The truth is, I only went for one free testing, hahaha...
I know you like Korean food lar, I can see that! :p

Ah, thanks for telling me, will replace it so that I can go read!

diaLoG wiTh tH3 c@t said...

wow wow wow...
keep a copy of Focus for miss director!!Penang bo Focus la...
and ur mui fan really look good.
i wana try to cook oso.u make me hungryyyyyyy

ShiRLeXia said...

I don't have too many copies ler. I can lend you read lar! Hehehe...
Well hopefully one day I get to cook for you guys lar!