Sunday, May 31, 2009

'The Crap' & 'The Food'

I joined the Cincai Group with their Back to Taiping event on Saturday. It was as usual, an event for us to 'Gia Gia Kua Kua Ciak Ciak & Hip Hip'. Bloody tired and it was like so rare for me to feel so tired in Taiping. You know me lar, I always stay at home whenever I'm in Taiping, but this time around, I actually had very bad sun burn! But I must say, that was a really fun way to enjoy our very own hometown, Taiping.
Well, I left the 'Hip Hip' job to the professionals and I just got over thousands pictures from them all... Phew~! Still having headache looking at them and choosing which to put in my blog...
I did took some pictures and videos with my crappy and cheap camera, so here I'm going to share them with you guys 'The Crap' and 'The Food'...
The Crap
Yup, we will start with the crap first.
1) Cincai Group planting tree
This is a video we made while we were planting the Umbrella Tree to kick start the event of the day! Trust me, this is not an ordinary tree-plating video, okay!

2) How they smile for picture?
We appreciate our members very much, so much so that we remember how they smile for picture! Ah Fa, this is also A MUST for you to watch, because 33.33333% is dedicated to you! Hehe... See, we think about you even when you're not around!

Ei, you should give me credit for posting this up ler, look how bad I looked in that video? No make-up, bad hair, bad body and all... Haih...

3)Cincai Group members introduction
Hahahaha.... I love this one the most! We all have nicknames of the seafood family~!

*Pardon me for the weird and 'zou yin' voice because I'm still recovering from my cough!

The Food
Okay, so I took pictures of the food that day, just because I need to tell ya how good and cheap they are. OMG, you wouldn't believe the price! We were all simply shocked!
We started the day with breakfast at Lian Thong, the very old-school-looking kopitiam opposite the Kwang Dong Association. Not many of the Cincaians know about it, but it is quite a famous shop with people coming in since early in the morning! Lian Thong at a glance...
We ordered whole lot of food from the menu... See the special 咸柑吉? Just perfect for my throat!
So I hantam two glasses of it!
Fried Hainanese noodles... Normal lar.
Super duper hyper best bestest egg on toast~!
The very famous Bao Zha Mian!
The not-too-bad black pepper fried mihoon.
Surely a very heavy breakfast for the Cincai Group!
I can tell you the egg on toast is like a MUST there! The freshly baked bread with butter and half-boiled egg... Oh... I can tell you, when you bite it, the hot bread, butter and egg... just perfect match of all man! The Bao Zha Mian (Exploded Noodles) is also bloody yummy! We also tried the black pepper fried mihoon and it was awesome too!
Wait, that's not the best part yet! We ordered like 3 egg on toasts, 2 Bao Zha Mian, 1 fried Hainanese noodles, 1 black pepper mihoon, 1 Hokkien Mee, with about 9 drinks... It all came up to???? RM25.90!!! Bloody RM25.90 for a heavy breakfast for six persons! Which means, we only paid about RM4+ per person! I almost asked the auntie to count all over again man... SO BLOODY CHEAP!!!
As for lunch, we went to Larut Matang. I've just posted a review on food at Larut Matang few weeks back. So I'm only posting food that I didn't talk about the last time here. With the Cincaians, it wasn't too surprising that we chose to sit at Xue Shan, the stall outside selling ice-blended dessert, such as the very very famous Xue Shan. Seven of us, eight item of drinks and dessert, only RM13.50! Can you believe that??? In KL, you can probably only have a dessert with that price! Oh, come on, a cup of Starbucks would be RM13.50!The very famous Xue Shan... Probably one of the MUST HAVE in Taiping.
Ais Kacang with watermelon? First time ever man!
Front: Black, I tried it for the first time, not too bad. Back: Ice-blended red bean.
The best Mee Rebus I've ever had in my life is still the one at Larut Matang... Although my mum reckons the morning stall is better.
The Sotong & Kangkong tasted a bit weird actually...==|||
Amazing food and amazing price!
So, you wanna visit Taiping now???

By the way, I shall stop eating so much after my Taiping trip. My Ah Ma just told me I look like I've put on weight!!!!! Ah~ I don't want!!!
Okay, more on the event coming up next~! Stay tune guys! :)


bboy ady said...

ur fren use pentax camera ma?
ask him participate in this forum

hope see him there

ShiRLeXia said...

Well, I hope he comes and see this!
Li Jing! My friend asking you to join them!!!

Bunny said...

*droool* luckily i having my dinner now :P

ShiRLeXia said...

You eating again ar?

Bunny said...

kakaka~ i wan the the ice dessert!!

ShiRLeXia said...

Ha, I want that too! It's so freaking hot here!!!