Monday, January 4, 2010

A belated HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

We had our first ever New Year together in Taiping, our hometown!
Sorry guys, have been pretty busy this time around in Taiping that I have no time to even get on-line!
So yes, HAPPY NEW YEAR to all my dearest family members, friends, and readers whom I might or might not know~! All the best in 2010!!!
I'm normally very excited about the review of the previous year and the new year resolution post. But this year since I'm already late, let's make a short one.

Here's my New Year post last year. Let's see how many of the stuff that I've actually done...
1. Go to Taiwan (Oh yes, I went! For less than 2 days!)
2. Go to Madame Tussauds Wax Museum in Hong Kong (Checked! I went! I went!)
3. Get down to 50kg (Urm, I actually put on weight...==|||)
4. Earn LOTS of money (Well I earn more money, that's for sure, but I spent more too I think.)
5. Save LOTS of money (Yea, fortunately I think I did save a little more)
6. Sponsor a child (Not done yet)
7. Re-study my Japanese (I studied Korean in stead. An Nyeong Ha Se yeo~!)
8. Get back to the wheels (Ah... No I didn't :( )
9. Indirectly, to get a bf (Checked! :D)

I think I had a pretty normal year, in general and career wise, no change at all although I keep complaining about my boring job almost everyday. I'm really glad that I've traveled to Singapore, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan, and they were all really some cool and enjoyable trips! :)
I guess the climax came in October when I bumped into CL at Sunway Pyramid. We had lost contact for about 9 years and then all of a sudden we just fell in love, yes, VERY MUCH IN LOVE! So there you go~ A great year with a bf! What is there to complain about 2009 when I have that kinda love and care I'd never had before from a guy? Love you, my dear! :)

To make it short, here's a list of stuff I wish to do in 2010:
1. Love (not only for my dear lar, to my family too)
2. Money (Money is never enough, isn't it?)
3. Travelling (Taiwan and Perth are in the plan right now, maybe more?)
4. Good health (Having back pain problem is killing me! And I hope everyone around me has good health too)
5. Courage (to get back to the wheels, maybe?)

1. BODY FAT!!!
(Can't think of any other stuff, LOL!)

Heading back to KL later, with my dear... With his Mama and Yi Po... ==|||

Till then, HAPPY NEW YEAR once again!


Hayley said...

See, like i mentioned, losing weight is important for most of the ladies...
so, let's work hard together! ;)

ShiRLeXia said...

Haha... 减肥是女人的终身工作!

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