Monday, April 26, 2010

6 months' celebration @ Tomoe Jap Restaurant, Subang SS15

We had just celebrated our sixth month at Tomoe Japanese Restaurant and I'm so excited to share the yummy food we had with you all!
The restaurant is very easily seen at a corner shop at SS15, right opposite Subang Jaya Medical Centre (SJMC). I've heard so much about the restaurant yet this was only the first time I stepped into the restaurant.The entire design impressed me a lot. It's very spacious, so even though there were quite a lot of people you don't really feel it's noisy. Ventilation is good too cos I can't really smell heavy smoke even if there were costumers smoking indoor! There are some rooms with the sliding door just like some Japanese house too. There is even an elevator to bring us up to 2nd floor! The whole place looks so classy even the toilet impressed me a lot! They have small towels for you in the toilet to wipe hands in stead of tissue paper! After use, just dump them into a laundry basket!The very classy-looking sushi bar.
Those rooms with some Japanese people having their beer and sake.
I think the one thing that made us thought we've made the right choice was the fact that almost all tables were occupied by Japanese! Yes, real nihon jin desu yo! And the waitress greeted us in Japanese, and some of them either they are Japanese or they can speak fluent Japanese, cos they take orders in Japanese language! Isn't that cool?Here I am, getting ready to makan~! I LOVE JAPANESE FOOD!!!
He looks extra cute with his new green and white stripes shirt!
The menu has too many choices we didn't know which are good. And some of those that the waitress recommended were just way too pricey for us. In the end, we ordered 5 dishes to share...Salmon Sashimi is a must. Five pieces for RM 20.
Kaisen Shioyaki Soba (Fried Seafood Soba), RM22.
Agedashi Tofu, RM13.
Ten don, RM28.
Super yummy Dragon Roll, RM33.
Our favourite dish of the night would be the Dragon Roll. The sushi has a whole big prawn in the middle, which is deep fried. On the outer part, there is a thin layer of my favourite avocado and sashimi of a few different kind of fishes. And they have honey mustard spread over them, which just added more points to the dish! Superb~!
The Salmon Sashimi was very very fresh, the Seafood Fried Soba was awesome, The Agedashi Tofu was just so so, but the ladies finger and eggplant they put on top of the tofu was really yummy but the Ten Don was a bit of a let down.Itatakimasu....
The bill, with service and government taxes, came up to RM133.40. A bit pricey although it was lower than our expectations lar. Most importantly, we had a satisfying Japanese dinner! :D I would really recommend you to try their food if you don't mind paying more than the usual price. Like me, I would definitely only visit this kinda restaurant once in a blue moon although yes, the food impressed me a lot! But the price... :S
Here's the add: Tomoe Japanese Restaurant, No. 1, Jalan SS15/5A, 47500 Subang Jaya.

So we are now stepping into the 7th month of our relationship. To most of you, even the bf himself, 6 months is nothing. But for me, I've never been in a serious relationship for so long, so for me it's like a record! Anywayz, I'm very happy not because I've broke the record, but because I'm with the right person.
Some of you may not know, since dating him, I started to have some back pain problem, in March, some family matters happened, I lost my job and is still jobless, and now it's killing me to see my Ah Ma so sick... If not for him staying by my side, helping me and encouraging me everyday, lend me a shoulder whenever I cry, I think I would have become crazy, like siao liao. Just like what he said, I believe god knew I will be facing problems, thus He sent him to be with me. Really, I've been single for a few years and nothing so dramatic happen to me and now that I'm going through the most dramatic months of my life, I'm so lucky to have him by my side!
WCL, I LOVE YOU SO MUCHY~!!! Muaksss~~~~!!!


Hayley said...

Wow, half a year already!! time really flies!!
it doesnt matter about the figure 6, whats most important is the feeling you both have!
happy relationship! ;)

ShiRLeXia said...

Yea, we thought so, time really flies!
Thanks a lot Hayley~! :)