Monday, April 12, 2010

Mummy's special Fried Mihun with Canned Stewed Pork

I stole this recipe from my mum and didn't ask her for permission to post it on my blog... ;p
Mummy??? Are you sleeping ???
Well, it's basically just normal fried mihun, only this one with the canned stewed pork, which you can easily buy from the supermarket, they are often in a yellow coloured can.

What you need...Chopped garlic, prawns (I added some seafood tofu), canned stewed pork, choy sum (separate the leaves and the stems), mihun (soaked beforehand). Some soya sauce, dark soya sauce and pepper to taste.
*You should remove excessive fat floating on top of the pork with a spoon.

What to do...
1. Simmer the garlic until they are brownish.
2. Add in the prawns, seafood tofu and the choy sum stems. Stir well.3. Pour in the pork, you can pour some of the water or gravy from the can in too.4. Then pour in the mihun, add some water if needed. Stir well. I always prefer my fried noodles to be a bit wet.
5. Next, add in soya sauce, dark soya sauce and pepper, and then the choy sum.
6. Stir well and until the vege is cooked, it's all done~! They say this is a cute pic of me... So thanks to my super designer sister, Ducum Tan!

This is one of my favourite casual dishes I love when I was at home in Taiping! I'm glad the bf enjoyed it! It's very easy to make too! You can try it at home, if you are a fan of fatty pork, I'm pretty sure you will love this dish! :pAnother try on my mummy's recipe~!


LayJinG said...

Oh ... my mum cooked this also =P haha~ what a coincide =P

ShiRLeXia said...

Really? Ish I thought it's her secret recipe tim!