Monday, April 5, 2010

Saturday out with Karen~! Wheee~~~!

*Since the bf already said my blog now has more of his pictures than myself, this blog post will have zero pics of him... :p

It's been a while I didn't go out with friends. Well not that I have a lot of friends, but really close ones, there are a few lor. Karen is definitely one of them. :) She is a good listener while I always tend to encourage her a lot whenever she has problems. So last Saturday we met up for At the end of Daybreak (review to follow soon) and a catch-up to get updates from each other.A picture with the Hao Jie Mei first... Cheese~~~

Lunch @ Fong Lye Restaurant, The GardensI think if you have never heard of this restaurant, you're a bit outdated. I've heard so much about this famous Taiwanese restaurant that as I arrived the crowd really just proved to me that IT IS FAMOUS FULL STOP. We had to take number to go into the restaurant, like at a Dim Sum restaurant in Hong Kong. ==|||
I really shouldn't be having Taiwanese food since I'm leaving for Taiwan in like less than two weeks time. But couldn't help, always been very curious about this restaurant, it's time to end the curiousness...
And so we quickly made our order...Jasmine Tea to start with, RM12 per pot.
My Fresh Tomato Fried Egg wtih Fish set meal, RM19.80
A closer look at the main dish.
Fried Squid with Pepper and Salt, RM9.30. Such an odd pricing.
Karen has the 3 Variety Supreme Diced Chicken set meal, but I only took pic of the main dish lar, cos others are the same. RM 19.80.
Well, I thought the meal is ok-ok only wor. I mean, yes not too bad, but not fantastic lor. I actually think the 3 Variety Supreme Diced Chicken at Dragon-i is better than the one here! I really don't see what other people see in this restaurant, really...

And then we went for the movie, and a walk around Mid Valley and The Gardens...

Coffee @ Austin Chase, The GardensThe guy over there, bottom right, his surname is Mo, name is del. Or surname Ke, name is Le Fe.
Karen needed her coffee of the day, so we went to this cafe, situated just right below Fong Lye Restaurant for coffee break.
The cafe itself is quite cool, and they have lots of magazines and box games for their costumers. There is even TV, playing live F1 race! The menu is quite interesting too. One of them that I can remember is Mocha Banana, although I didn't dare to try that, hehehe...You know I never scared of taking pics with Karen, cos our faces ah... Sama-sama bulat. :p
Thanks to Karen for that cute top too! Only she dares to buy a top with some dogs, cows, pigs, horses on it for me. :p
One of my 'date' of the day~!
It was raining heavily in Sepang~!
I had the Dark Mocha Frappocino and Karen had the Mocha Chip. I love the Mocha Chip! Next time that's the one I'm getting! One thing I like about them is that they don't put cream on top of their drinks! Love that, just because I hate cream on my drink. Don't you think so that the cream would ruin the original taste of the coffee???

And so we called it a day. Enjoyed every moment of chatting and shopping with Karen! :)
Anyone of you thinks you haven't seen me for a while? You can make a appointment with me now cos I need to apply leave for the bf in advanced! :p


Anonymous said...

可是因为发生了一些不愉快的事情,所以我变得speechless,一直压抑着自己的情绪,回家后, 我有后悔,可是你知道啦,我真的说不出话...希望我们还有下次咯.
就好像我说的,我虽然不常常出现了,可是我还是一直关心着你,很开心你找到了你的幸福...要好好保护哦... hug hug ...

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