Saturday, April 3, 2010

Heavy & sumptious lunch @Dragon-i

The bf's parent were here in KL(again!) for a few days. And I had the luxury of having a very satisfying home-cooked dinner from his cute mum. The next day before they left for Taiping, we went for lunch together at Dragon-i, Sunway Pyramid. It wasn't the first time I dined in the very famous restaurant with the very famous Siu Long Bao, but it was the first time I had their dishes to eat with rice. Very unusually heavy lunch for me. :p
We didn't miss the Xiu Long Bao, and other dishes include:The very famous Xiu Long Bao, RM9.
Braised Beancurd. 四川马婆豆腐, RM16.
HK Kailan 香港介兰, RM18. Wah, I just realised these few sticks of vege cost so much! :S
Sauteed Beef Slices with Ginger and Spring Onion 葱爆牛肉,RM18.
Taiwanese Chicken 台湾三杯鸡, RM20.
That's 5 dishes for 4 persons! And two meat dishes! Phew~!
Anywayz, I really think all dishes are not too bad! My favourite one would be the Taiwanese Chicken 台湾三杯鸡, I think you must should go try that dish there.
Last but not least, a very special picture...Yeap! A pic of the bf's parent and us!
I was a worried gf at the beginning. I was so scared that his family wouldn't accept me for many reasons. And today I must say I am a very happy gf of WCL because his family has been treating me so nice and are accepting me the way I am. I AM VERY VERY HAPPY. :)


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Hayley said...

Nice! since your future in laws accept you as you, can start plan on wedding liao la :P

ShiRLeXia said...

Hahaha... Not so soon lar Hayley. Money not enough...
But if I do get so far, I will sure ask you for advice on our wedding.