Monday, April 26, 2010

4some dinner @ Dragon-i, 1 Utama

*I'm taking a break from Taiwan trip post...

Four of us (Me, the bf, PC and Mary) always wanted to try the RM1 Soya Sauce Chicken promotion at Dragon-i but it's often difficult to get four of us free around the time period of 6pm~9pm. So finally the other day, we made it!
We ordered quite a lot for 4 persons actually, all had own dish with two more side dishes and the RM1 chicken... That's when I found out PC and Mary can actually eat quite a lot, can fight with me and my deardo! LOL!
Anywayz, here's the menu of the day...I tried the Sour & Spicy Soup Ramen, which was pretty nice.
Mary had the Wanton noodles... I think it's with the Ramen.
The bf went for his favourite Steamed Chicken Rice with Chinese Sausages.
PC had the Seafood Dried Ramen.
Never to be missed... Xiu Long Bao to share.
The Fried Carrot Cake, which tastes quite good!
And last but not least, the main dish of the day, the RM1 Soya Sauce Chicken! The RM1 Soya Sauce Chicken!
I must say everything we had that day were nice! We especially find the Fried Carrot Cake really impressing. But PC and Mary suggested that Wanton noodles is better at Canton-i (wow, looks like they have tried everything...). And surprisingly, the RM1 Soya Sauce Chicken is not bad! It's like they don't simply make something up just because you only pay one buck for it lar.
Well I guess Dragon-i and Canton-i are quite smart lar, the RM1 Soya Sauce Chicken is making people spending more dining in their restaurants wurt. And for that dinner, together with tea and all the taxes, cost only RM97 plus, which is really not bad hey! One, two, three, Peter Paul and Mary... Ah ours is one, two, three, only got Mary! :p
The RM1 Soya Sauce Chicken promotion at Dragon-i and Canton-i ends on 30 April. Remember, bring at least 3 persons (1/2 chicken) or 4 persons (whole chicken), and it is only offered from 6pm~9pm!
If you want to try that, better hurry up~!

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