Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Film reviews, finally!

It's been a while I didn't do any film review hey?
First thing first, Oscar Nomination for this year has just been announced. I'm SUPER HAPPY that Matt Damon is nominated for the Best Actor in a Supporting Role for his role in Invictus. Although his chance of winning is quite slim, still, it's an honour! Some even say he should be nominated in the Best Actor in a Leading Role for his performance in The Informant! too! I just love Matt Damon and can't wait to watch these two movies of his!
By the way... Here are the two films I've watched recently...

Only last week I think, Tobey Maguire was nominated for the Best Actor award at the Golden Globe for this movie. Though he didn't win, he is still to me, one of the best actors in Hollywood.
So this is a story about a Sam, who went to Afghanistan and went missing. After being tortured and forced to kill his own teammate by the Afghans over there, Sam came home becoming a bit of a psycho and did all sort crazy stuff, including suspecting his wife sleeps with his brother....
Tobey plays Sam and Jake Gyllenhaal plays his brother Tommy. First of all, I always thought they look alike. Secondly, I do think they both suit the role perfectly. Thirdly, I think they are both good actors, especially Tobey, of course! He really did a great job. As my dear said, if he wants to act spooky, he can really be very spooky. But I think that wasn't enough to win him a best actor award, just yet. And the way he made himself so skinny for this role is amazing! Natalie Portman isn't too bad too. I think she is turning into a good actress in stead of just a pretty face.
I like the movie because it's kinda 'real', it's just really possible to see this kinda situation happen in real life. But I don't like the ending. It's kinda 'cincai'. Overall, the impact makes it a movie which will stick in your head for a while.

大日子 Tiger WooHoo
我家从来都没有Astro,MY FM也不算是我的首选电台,但是看在有人说这部电影很好看一下,那我就去看一下啰!


Hayley said...

Brothers?? i never heard about this movie?? lol

ShiRLeXia said...

I don't think Brothers is going to be shown in Malaysia lar, sensitive movie...