Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Dinner @ Peruvie Peruvian Grilled Chicken, TTDI

I read about Peruvie Peruvian Grilled Chicken from KY and went on to try as I went to visit my Ah Ma who lives just a stone throw away from the restaurant. 
The restaurant has a very simple setting with the grilling kitchen right in front of you yet you won't come out stinking of grilled chicken. The wall were painted with colourful paintings and the place was decorated with some Peruvian texture and etc. Very homey feel I must say. Plus perhaps because it is still a new restaurant, the atmosphere was quiet which provides a nice dinning experience.
The menu is simple, very similar to Nando's where you choose the size of your chicken, then to have it spicy or not, then choose your sides. So just like how we always do at Nando's, Deardo ordered the Half Chicken Set while I had the Quarter Chicken Set with different sides. We also ordered the Peruvie Sangria (some Peruvian mocktail I assume) to share. 
My Quarter Chicken Set with Boiled Vege and Butter Corn. RM15.90.
Deardo's Half Chicken Set with Onion Cucumber Salad and Potato Salad. RM24.90.
Our Peruvie Sangria (Single) at RM7.90.
Personally, I think the sauce used for the chicken is very flavourful. It tastes almost like our Satay gravy, which I also love a lot! So that's a score for them! Unfortunately the chicken were badly burnt and I had to remove almost all the burnt chicken skins off to have my chicken properly. So that really needs to be improved. Most of the sides we tried were just ordinary except for their Potato Salad which has very light mayonnaise taste and the potatoes were soft enough to my liking! We did however enjoyed our mocktail, which was refreshing to go with the hot and spicy chicken meal. 
The service we got was good too and I hope that they will keep that on. And I think they only hire staffs who can speak good English and that's another plus point!
Together with the service charge, the meal came up to RM53.60, which is an average price lar, Nando's has similar pricing I think. I wouldn't say it's better than Nando's but yes for a change, or whenever you are near TTDI that's perhaps a great place to dine and hang out with friends. But yes, I do hope that they stop burning the chicken too much! :)

Peruvie Peruvian Grilled Chicken
No. 1, Lorong Rahim Kajai 13
TTDI 60000
Kuala Lumpur
016-723 1698

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