Friday, May 3, 2013

I am an Important 1st Time Voter!!!

I am, and so are you, you and you!!!
In two days time I'll be voting at the General Election for the very first time in my life and I am extremely excited about it. I vividly remember how I regretted so much for missing the opportunity to become part of the very interesting election five years ago.
Compared to five years ago, I'm obviously more political-savvy and have more thoughts about the entire situation so I know affirmatively that I'm voting for some reasons, not only because I want to become part of the history!
So why? You ask me why I'm so eager to vote? Without going through a very long list of reasons that most of you already know, I'll just list down three main things:

1) As journalism grad and an ex-journalist, I know best that media has no freedom and it pissed me off that only ONE party can have their say in the media. Hence all the horrendously done commercials are flying all over TV, radio and newspapers, manipulating the public whom may not be aware that those are not the truth!

2) I simply want a change. Look, truth is, as a boss, when you complain so much about your staff, you fire him/her. As a staff, when you complain so much about your job, you quit. So didn't all of us always complain about our country? How jam is the traffic, how bad is the security, how expensive are the cars and houses, how bad our dear government spent our money on some useless stuffs... Did you realise that you yourself is the cause of all these because you have chosen that ONE party to control all these in the country? Complain, complain, complain!!! Do something about it lar! Why not give another party a chance to proof to you that they can fix all these problems for you? If you are not happy with them, in five years time you can still fire them!

3) I want a better and safer life for myself, and my future generation(s).

Honestly, I'm very tired of all the stuff that has been going on and on in FB! Everything is about the GE 13! All the dirty tactics that I'm not sure whether they are true or not, all the stupid homemade music videos and brainless campaigns... Honestly, so far, I know we can do nothing even if Bangladeshis and Indonesians are send over to vote for the ONE party. So I can't be bother much.
All me and you all Malaysians can do is to play your part. If the rumour is that there are about 30,000 foreigners coming in to vote, we need more than that to change the result! Got it?
Last advice, don't be clumsy when you cast your vote. Make sure you have a clean ballot,clean fingers, dare yourself to request for a clean ballot if you have a dirty ballot and cross within the box. Most importantly, think properly about how you life has been in Malaysia and how you want your life to be in Malaysia in the future. 

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