Thursday, May 9, 2013

Malaysians, United We Stand!

Hi all!
I didn't attend the gathering at Stadium Kelana Jaya yesterday not only because I didn't want to skip gym, but also because I thought hey whatever you do, the GE13 result WILL NOT change. True enough, the news this morning said SPR has stated that the result won't change with such rallies held. But following the updates, photos and videos on social media and from friends who attended it since last night till this morning, I realised that it may change things. Those people moved me to tears, those people have proven to everyone not only in Malaysia, but to the world that we are all ready to change and to do that, we stay united as a nation, no matter what skin colours we carry! It will change people's perceptions, it will, if not much, a little.
Over dinner Deardo and I shared our experiences after all these racism havoc started by some brainless blogger, leaders and the media. At work, one of Deardo's close Malay colleagues went to him and shook his hand saying:"Kita masih kawan kan? Tak de Tsunami Cina kan?" (We are still friends aren't we? No Chinese Tsunami right?), in which Deardo shook his hand back saying of course! Then he told Deardo this:"Tak pe kalau ada apa-apa, you datang rumah I" (It's ok, if there is anything (assuming riot or anything like that), you are welcome to come stay at my house). 
On FB, I posted a status to express my disappointment that people put the blame on one particular race on BeEnd's win and my very old Malay classmate replied...

I almost cried when I saw her saying she loves me so openly on FB. I love her very very much too! 
I told Deardo, with tears in my eyes, I don't understand why are they doing this to us? After such hard-fought battle to get the people united, they have to make things awkward between us when we are already best of best friends, without racial obligations! Why do they want to tear us all apart with some accusations that are totally not true? Why?
From what I can see, despite the fact that some Malays do buy in those silly statements, some remain 'cautious' that those are not real facts. We may be different in skin colours, we may come from different parts of the country and we may even support different political parties (my friend Saliha works for the government TV station, so I'm just assuming), but that doesn't mean we don't love each other and that we really cherish our friendships like we can't live without each other.

So dear Malaysians, I have something to say about the entire racism thingy.
1) I can't really say this on behalf of all Chinese, but I can say this on behalf of the Chinese whom I know that we have NEVER EVER wanted to take over Malaysia, We have NEVER EVER thought of taking your special rights!!! 
We learned about the Malays' special right in secondary school but I'm sure most of us never felt that we are treated any differently. Perhaps those who got straight A's and didn't get a place in public universities may have a lot to say, but to most of us who have average results, as long as we can make it into any private universities, I must say we actually prefer it that way.
Personally, I think the special rights that help the Malays so much throughout their life have made them a bit more laid back and friendly. If you ask me, they are one of the most friendly people I know! They wanna be friends with you without thinking of any agendas behind them. Honestly, in this case, we Chinese are much more selfish than them.
So yes, you have your special rights and we don't give a shit about having those rights to us.

2) There were almost 600,000 turnout at the stadium last night. Seriously, do you really think all 600,000 of them are Chinese??? Oh come on, some of us have better things to do (that will make money, especially) and some of us are still loyal BeEnd's supporters! A stadium with an amount of people that even a World Cup final crown may not be able to beat,  a highway that turned into car park, with people of all races united just to express their disappointment towards the dirty and unfair election and to show the world that there are no 'racism' in our dictionary... Doesn't that tell you something?

3) Chinese not voting for BeEnd and we became the 'Chinese Tsunami'. Oh thank you for such compliments but no thanks. Chinese not voting for BeEnd because we want to take over the country and eliminate the Malays? Oh thanks again for the compliments for having such high expectations on us.
Up until now, do you all Malaysians still believe in those lies? If voting for oppositions means we voted for Chinese and that Chinese can take over the country, then why did we vote against MCA, which are the real representatives of Chinese? Now we don't even have any MCA members in the cabinet! But I voted for a Malay dude in my area, does that make me a Chinese traitor? Didn't you realise that the opposition has a mixture of all races in it? Didn't you realise if they win, the leader of the country is still a Malay? Didn't you realise that the opposition don't categorise themselves in different parties of different races? Didn't you realise that we, who voted for the oppositions are more united regardless of races? Don't you realise that we are sick and tired of race-based politics?
We, Chinese, Malays, Indians, Iban, Kadazan, etc voted against the government because of the corruptions, the safety and security of the nation and sorry to say because some of those people are just total idiots. We did not vote just for the fun of bringing BeEnd down, nor did we vote to bring Malays down.
So please stop accusing us for things that we have never even thought of doing so!

4) If raising racial issues is totally a strategy to get us all out of the country and you Malays conquer the country by yourself, then think about this... Without Chinese, where do you get Dato' Lee Chong Wei. Without Indians, where do you get the likes of Nicol David? I'm telling you these not to boast about how fantastic we are and how we have contributed to the country. I just want to remind you of the time when all of us Malaysians, and by that I mean all races stood together and cheered like crazy for two Olympics finals when Dato' Lee Chong Wei was playing for gold. Have you thought about not supporting him just because he is Chinese and you are not? No, right? In fact, if I didn't remember wrongly, most of you who went to welcome him home at the airport are not Chinese, because once again, Chinese don't bother about all these welcoming which doesn't give them much benefits!
In Malaysia, we support each other because we are all Malaysians, not because of races. In Malaysia, we are blessed that we have got talents from the Malay, Chinese, Indians and other communities who continuously bring glory to the country. WE ENJOY THIS ENVIRONMENT AND WE CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT EACH OTHER!!! 

I didn't write this to attempt to brainwash you that you should also vote for the opposition, nor did I write this to object the GE13 results. I wrote this because my heart aches that racial issues became a political tools and that it may create an awkward relationship between all of us, despite the fact that we are supposed to be 1Malaysia (say who?). I wrote this because I want to tell all my non-Chinese friends, I love you all and nothing is going to change that!
To all my friends who feel the pain of losing the GE13, keep calm and we shall see if we can change things in the future. For the time being, we should stay strong and united and SAY NO TO RACISM!!!

*Pictures of the gathering are taken from sharing on social media. 


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