Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Homey Traditional Malay Food @ Belanga, Empire Shopping Gallery

If everything we talked about today must be about the just concluded GE13,blackouts or racism, then I shall start this blog post by saying, do you know that I love Malay food and my two years life in Perth wouldn't be as good without my Malay housemate who cooked me Malay food once in a while! :)
Choosing what to eat has become a very difficult question to both Deardo and I. Since we have been spending quite a lot onour house and wedding, we are trying to not spend so much on food like we always do. Also the fact that I'm on a diet for the big day, there are quite a lot of stuff that I'm trying to refrain from taking. So there we were strolling at Empire Shopping Galley one night looking for something to eat for dinner and couldn't really decide where to eat when we decided to try Belanga.
It wasn't actually Deardo's first time but it was my first visit to this cozy little cafe/restaurant.I absolutely love the atmosphere of the place, bright and comfy, cool furniture and decos. And I thought their so-called 'Malay cuisine' may be a bit commercialised but to my surprised, very homey and satisfying!
For the two of us, we ordered the following dishes...
Nasi Kerabu Ayam Percik, RM 15.90.
Homemade Chicken Balls Soto Soup, RM13.90.
Cucur Udang, RM 3.50.
Teh O Limau, RM3.90, Lime Juice, RM4.50.
I was very happy with my Homemade Chicken Ball Soto Soup, which comes with nice fragrant soup, interesting veges and most importantly, very yummy homemade chicken balls! The chicken balls was tender with a twist of crunchiness in the carrots and spring onions (if I'm not mistaken) in it. A very good choice for those who want something not so oily. Deardo's Nasi Kerabu Ayam Percik is surely a must try! The curry gravy and the ayam percik are surely to-die-for as they taste very much like what you can get from the kitchen in your own house, perhaps from your mum or your granny! The Cucur Udang was not bad, at least it tastes better than those you find in those roadside stalls as it definitely tastes fresh and crispy. 
Deardo and I enjoying our quiet night together with nice food! :)
We were really happy with the dinner that night and we thought hey, we just found another nice place for nice food! :) Together with 10% service charge, the bill came up to RM45.85 which is quite a decent price for such quality of food and dining experience! Definitely going back to try other dishes!

Belanga Cafe
Empire Shopping Gallery,
UG18, Jalan AA16/1
47500 Subang Jaya,

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