Thursday, May 2, 2013

Iron Man 3

Since I have an Iron Man avid fan fiancee, I must proudly say we watched it within the the first three days of
it in the cinema. So here we have my honest review of the movie.
Iron Man 2 sucked and that was agreeable by a lot of people out there, including my Iron Man avid fan fiancee (feels weird still calling him 'fiancee') and I didn't have much hope on the third one, despite the fact that I think Avengers was awesome.
From the trailer I thought it would be another fall of the hero and how he heroically gets back to the top, which is so freaking boring cos almost all movies do that nowadays! Fortunately, the fall of the hero was merely losing his home and it took him only seconds to get back to work and fight back! But my favourite storyline has to be The Mandarin, who turned out to be a freelance actor (SPOILER ALERT!!!)! That was a really good twist which made the movie so much more interesting! So Iron Man 3 certainly scored in terms of storyline this time around. It has also less talking, which was the main reason why the last one sucks. But I would say the action part was just average lar, nothing really vow me this time around.
One very big complain I have is the fact that there wasn't a clear thing that say how the villain can be killed. Some of them can just fall down and die, some will get burn and burn and can still walk out alive. Perhaps it is just me being anal about this kinda stuff. Seriously, it's like watching a horror movie without an ending that explains why did the ghost come kacau the people! I don't dig that!
Acting wise, I'm glad that they found Sir Ben Kingsley to play The Mandarin. His acting and character made such an impact to the movie that I think he leaves better impression than the villain Aldrich Killian. Other than that, not much we can talk about in terms of acting.
So my Iron Man avid fan fiancee and myself think this is better than the last Iron Man but the villain sucks lor... Mickey Rourke as Ivan Vanko is still my very favourite. But overall, still cannot beat the first of the three Iron Man movies.


Hayley said...

Well I personally think this installment is much more better and in fact, it's quite good!

ShiRLeXia said...

Yeah it's much better than the second one!