Monday, May 6, 2013

Keep Calm and Love Malaysia

Today's weather has been pretty gloomy and I think it suits the mood of majority of us in Malaysia.

I'm really exhausted not only because I didn't have a good night sleep, but also trying to digest everything that has been going on either on FB or even discussions at home. Truth is, I'm a realistic person who don't believe much in rallies and petitions, not especially in our country. Yes, I think our General Election was a dirty one, very dirty one, but I don't think we all can do anything about it. So I hope all you Malaysians out there can stay calm and don't do anything stupid that will give people anymore excuses to blame us for. Please, be wise!

Throughout the entire voting day, I encountered some racism comments and statements on FB, particularly.  One of my 'not-so-smart' Malay friends told her Malay friends that a vote to opposition party means a vote to Lim Guan Eng. And then the next morning our 'DEAREST' PM blamed us Chinese for not voting for them. Why? Why at this point do you guys have to mention race differences? Honestly, I can tell you, I voted for a non-Chinese too because I voted based on a viewpoint that we needed a little change, not based on candidates who are Chinese or non-Chinese. Raising racial issues will not help especially when the public are already unhappy with the results! And tell me, how many of you actually want to un-friend your non-Chinese friends? Aren't they sometimes cooler to hang-out with compared to Chinese? Tell me, how many of you want another racial war happening in the country, which may contribute to perhaps an economy slowdown of the country?

The truth is, we have cast our votes based on a simple reason, and that is to have a better nation, and that means peace and harmony even with Malaysians of all races. Nothing related to races or even religions and it's really silly for some people to think so. So personally, friends and leaders of Malaysia, please I beg you, not to raise racial issues anymore for we are truly a multiracial country that we all should be proud of, regardless of which party we are supporting!

Malaysia is my home country and I love it for what it is. To my smarter and wiser non-Chinese friends, I love you for who you are too! Together, let's keep our country in one piece (or two pieces?)! 

To all Malaysians who have made an effort to travel back to Malaysia to cast your vote, thank you! :)

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