Saturday, July 5, 2014

Lovely Ipoh Hor Fun @ Restoran Pau Kee, Jalan Imbi

I actually find it very hard to locate nice Ipoh Hor Fun in KL city, or even in my hometown Taiping. To start with, a lot of them claim they sell original Ipoh Hor Fun but the truth is they are not even close! What I mean is the real Hor Fun that comes with soup that has a layer of orange colour from the shrimps and actually come with prawns! 
Then Deardo brought me to Pau Kee on a weekend and Vivian tagged along (she can't be seen in this entry because the photo I took of her was so bad she is going to kill me if I post it up) for late brunch. The moment the bowl of Hor Fun arrived before my eyes, I was already convinced! :D
The bowl of warm and lovely Hor Fun.
Shrimps Wantons.
Chicken Bean Sprouts.
Boiled Vegetables.
The Hor Fun was smooth and silky (man that sounds like a shampoo ad now) while the soup was very flavourful with the aroma and taste of the shrimps in it. Shrimps were also pretty fresh. Oh yumsss... I mean they might not be the best one I've tried but good enough to satisfy my taste bud! Our extra side of shrimp wantons were pretty awesome too. I can't say they are the best I've tried but definitely fresh shrimps and great balance between the filling and wanton skins. We also sample the chicken and bean sprout but they were not as impressive. 
So happy we've found such delicious Hor Fun!!! :D
Like most typical Chinese Kopitiam, they didn't display the price so I didn't really bother to ask how much was each item. But for one big hor fun and two small ones, plus a bowl of wantons, chicken bean sprout and a plate of vegetables, the bill came up to RM46.50, which I guess is quite standard for a lunch in KL for three.

Restoran Pau Kee
No, 10, Jalan Utara,
Off Jalan Imbi,
Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-2141 0535

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