Friday, July 11, 2014

Making Oreo Ice-Cream, Without an Ice-Cream Machine Yo!

I have a soft spot for ice-cream. It is so hard for me to resist ice-cream so bad that whenever I list down my diet plan, I'll make sure ice-cream is allowed maybe once in a month or once in a fortnight. My favourite basic ice-cream flavours? Choc-Mint and Cookies and Cream! 
Bought too many packets of Oreo for my previous baking adventure
So imagine how excited was I to find this simple Oreo Ice-Cream recipe that doesn't even need an ice-cream machine to make (yes, you are allowed to drop you jaw now or have your eyes wide open)! It's too easy that I've made it thrice now and have fine-tuned the recipe specifically adjusting the sweetness because the original recipe is way way way too sweet.

So here we go:
What you need:
300 ml of thickened / whipping cream 
1 ½ cups of icing sugar (I have cut it to 3/4 cup)
½ cup of condensed milk (I have cut it to merely 2 big tablespoons)
1 teaspoon of vanilla extract
1 packet of Oreo cookies (14) (I greedily added one extra piece of Oreo)

What to do:
1) In a zip-locked bag (or any concealed bag), crushed the Oreo cookies into chunks, making sure they are in uneven sizes because you wanna make sure you get some big pieces of the cookies when you have your ice-cream.
2) Pour the cream, icing sugar and condensed milk into a mixing bowl. 
3) Mix everything with a mixer, until the mixture become creamy.
4) Now add in the vanilla extract and the crushed Oreo. With a spatula, stir them up.
5) Put into a container, cover the lit and freeze overnight.

Voila~ Yummilicious homemade Oreo Ice-Cream ready for the whole family~! :D

Have your ice-cream in a bowl or on a cone or make Affogato with some awesome espresso and you don't need to pay 10 bucks for any of them!
It's really such an easy recipe that actually takes less than 30 minutes to complete! Best of all, now that you know how easy it is, I think you can easily add anything you like into it. I'm planning to add some almond into it the next time I make it!
Adult like me enjoying the ice-cream! :p
Lil' Jolie too seems to be enjoying the ice-cream!
Time to make your own ice-cream people! This weekend, maybe? 

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